So I had my cards read…

I’m a skeptic more often than not, but that doesn’t mean I don’t believe in things that can’t be scientifically proven. I mean, sometimes I just can’t explain away a gut feeling, or deny that sometimes it seems like miracles really do happen. So it was with that in mind that I had my tarot cards read the other night.

Before I went, I admit to Googling exactly how the whole tarot thing works. They’ll ask you questions, pay attention to body language, blah blah blah. They say things that many people can relate to. I went in with a plan: give nothing away, say as little as possible, keep my practiced poker face on point.

I can’t recall everything she said, but I know that all the things I’ve been debating and evaluating feel affirmed. Off the bat, she mentioned me wanting something, debating it, and being afraid to jump. She told me to jump. She said she wasn’t sure if that thing was a new job, or maybe writing a book (!!!), but that this decision would be the one that gave my life new direction and it would be reaching the dream I had always had for myself.

Writing a book has always been that goal for me. A dream I’ve always been too afraid to try to reach. Sharing my fiction writing is like being naked in the daylight. Terrifying.

There were other things that hit home for me, other points she made that sure, she could have randomly thrown out or hey, maybe she didn’t. The cards may not be for real, but the messages were. Go with my gut. I’m on the right path.

There’s something kinda reassuring about feeling like maybe, just maybe, I’ve finally turned down the right road, you know? This is the tattoo I’m getting tomorrow. It’s to remind me to always write, to live “right now”, and to know that things may pause, but they will also continue.

My new tattoo represents my life, my dreams.

So I had my cards read, and I think they were actually spot on.

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