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#ShowMeYourBrave: The Brave Man Book


I’m often worried that we are making parenting mistakes. I want to give my kids a happy, fulfilling childhood and spare them pain later in life, trying to rationalize their baggage. And then I realize that because we worry like this, we must be doing ok. And I see so many others who have survived such horrible childhoods that it gives me even more motivation to ensure our kids never experience those things.

It never ceases to amaze me when people who suffer through such horrific childhoods are able to move past it. Such resilience is obvious in what Joan Lee Tu has started.

As an advocate for prevention of childhood and family violence, she started The Brave Man Book project. She seeks to find stories by men who were violent but have changed their paths in life. 

Her story of strength is truly inspiring.


The bravest things I have ever done were to reconcile with my personal story of growing up with domestic violence and deciding to do something to make the world a better place. My story of childhood domestic violence is ending differently than that of many others because my dad chose to change his ways ten years ago.

Joan Lee Tu is an advocate for the prevention of childhood and family violence. She is also the curator of The Brave Man Project. Read more about this inspirational book at ShowMeYourBrave.com
I have started a project called The Brave Man Book.

I am looking for stories written by men who were violent, but who chose to change their ways. I am also looking for letters from the loved ones (such as spouses, children, parents, siblings, or friends) of men who chose love over violence.

#ShowMeYourBrave - The Brave Man Book is seeking personal stories of men who have been violent, but changed their ways
I plan to publish these stories and letters into a book in an embracing and compassionate way, to give hope to men who find themselves on a path of destruction and who want to break a cycle of anger, abuse, or violence. I believe in the power of these stories to help men and families find healing and love in their family lives. Raising awareness about stories like these also helps all of us to better understand and prevent family and domestic violence.

I have contacted many many organizations across Canada and around the world who work with men or do men’s counseling to see if they know any brave men who can contribute to this book. Still I don’t know if I am reaching enough people to make this book a reality.

My vision for The Brave Man Book is that it will be a book so fierce in its compassion that anyone would be proud to have a story published in it, yet the book will be so gentle that no one would think twice about having the book sit on their coffee table or night stand.

If you think this is a project worth supporting, please read more HERE.


The #ShowMeYourBrave Project asks people, “What’s the bravest, scariest, or most intimidating thing you’ve ever done?”. The idea of the project is to share stories of everyday bravery and human resilience to bring us closer together. In sharing, we not only find our voices, but we find support, allies, and others who have faced similar challenges. If you would like to submit your story, we would love to feature your bravery here.

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