#ShowMeYourBrave: How His Bravery Inspired Her to #BeBraveGoBald

#ShowMeYourBrave: How His Bravery Inspired Her to #BeBraveGoBald


For more than five years, Kelley’s been fundraising for St. Baldrick’s Foundation in support of paediatric cancer research. Her story of courage was inspired by her stepson’s bravery. Her team encourages everyone to #BeBraveGoBald and raise funds that can change lives forever.

It’s often children who inspire us to be brave, by showing us the true meaning of the word.


The most intimidating thing I’ve done involved letting go of my vanity. After raising money for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation (which funds pediatric cancer research), I got up on a stage and had my head shaved bald to stand in solidarity with children battling cancer.

#ShowMeYourBrave- St. Baldrick's funds paediatric cancer research

I did this to honor my step-son who so bravely fought for his life and beat the crap out of cancer.

Every time I got called ‘sir’, I pictured that sweet boy’s face and reminded myself that hair grows back and there are far more important things to focus on.

His bravery and strength has inspired and changed my life for the better.


The #ShowMeYourBrave Project asks people, “What’s the bravest, scariest, or most intimidating thing you’ve ever done?”. The idea of the project is to share stories of everyday bravery and human resilience to bring us closer together. In sharing, we not only find our voices, but we find support, allies, and others who have faced similar challenges. If you would like to submit your story, we would love to feature your bravery here.

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