Seriously awesome allergen-free snacks by FreeYumm

So guess what? As it turns out, snacks that are free of the top eight allergens don’t actually have to taste like dust nuggets! I’m happy to report (elated, actually), that the new line of products from Canadian company (yay!) FreeYumm are not only healthy, they’re also delicious. And I mean, truly delicious. My kids, my husband and I all totally love them and can’t wait to get more.

I met owner Sarah Clarke via Twitter, and I’m so happy she reached out to me. Sarah is an allergy parent, too, so she totally gets the struggle of finding something that’s safe, but also tastes good, but is also healthy. I mean — it’s awesome so many granola bars are nut- and peanut-free, but have you checked the ingredient list? Ugh.

We’re always seeking great options to send in the kids’ lunches, and the FreeYumm line is perfect. They use only natural ingredients (no refined sugar!) FreeYumm has a dedicated bakery that’s free of the top eight allergens, too, so these things are safe for not only my nut- and peanut-allergic kiddo, but for all his classmates, too!
FreeYumm's dedicated bakery is free of the top 8 allergens, how awesome is that?

I absolutely love that as allergy parents themselves, they understand how important it is to know a snack is safe, and FreeYumm does all the ingredient testing themselves. They also understand the importance of not relying on filler ingredients, so as you can see from the link above, there are no processed sugars and starches.

The flavours are fantastic; the kids were so excited to have these in their lunches every day! We tried all three of the bars — Honey Apple Oat Bars, Honey Hemp & Seed Bars (Mason’s hands-down favourite) and Blueberry Oat Bars — and I’ll be placing an order via the website so we can re-stock. (There are no stockists out my way, but I’m great at online shopping, so that’s ok.)

But don’t take my word for it, because honestly, you need to try these things to understand how tasty they really are. FreeYumm is generously offering up this awesome prize pack to one lucky winner.

Be sure to say hello to FreeYumm on Facebook and Twitter, too!

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23 thoughts on “Seriously awesome allergen-free snacks by FreeYumm

  1. Fab! We have a million food allergies here – milk, eggs, peanut, soy for my son, tree nuts and seeds for my daughter – but I feel so lucky to live at a time when people are generally aware of the dangers and are making such awesome alternative foods. Yay!

  2. No, no allergies. My son’s best friend has a peanut allergy so I try to be strict about it though.

  3. We’ve got 2 peanut allergies in house. And oodles of friends that come over to play that have allergies. I like making my house a safe zone for all the kid’s friends with allergies.

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