Lay the smackdown on seasonal allergies

Ok, so you all know how much of my life revolves around allergies, right? I’m an allergy blogger, my son has life-threatening food allergies, environmental/animal allergies and asthma, my husband has a multitude of seasonal/environmental/animal allergies and I’ve got my fair share, too. So I totally understand the allergy suffering in a major way. This year, it seems like the spring allergy season is worse than ever before. Even our family doctor said it’s one of the worst ones he’s dealt with in his practice — so many people are overwhelmed by the symptoms!

My family is obviously bumping up the Canadian average (which, according to the fancy infographic below, states that 1 in every 6 of us suffers from allergies), but I know there are plenty of you out there sniffling and sneezing alongside us this year, so how do we manage the allergies? Well, I wrote a piece about some great ways to deal with allergies, including vacuuming frequently (with a Hepa filter), changing bedding often, reducing dust inside your home, ridding the home of allergen-collecting carpet, and showering nightly to wash those allergens right outta your hair.

The thing is that allergies take a real toll on how we live our lives. They can stop us from wanting to play outside, they impair our productivity, they’re a cause for missing work and school… they’re just a royal pain.

For instance, Story’s reaction to mosquito bites is so painful that she won’t go camping, or to camp. Here’s a “mild” reaction to a bite on her leg.

Story mosquito bite

The swelling got so much worse than that, and it was very painful and itchy, so you can probably understand why she is so nervous to spend time around mosquitos!

My husband’s sneezing fits are epic (he sneezes repeatedly for 10 – 15 minutes at a stretch sometimes), and totally exhaust him, so it’s reasonable for him to avoid being outdoors when the pollen flies.

My husband and I take daily allergy meds (as a matter of fact, we do take REACTINE® products, which is why I agreed to this sponsored post), and it makes life much easier on all of us. Mason no longer wakes with major sneezing fits in the middle of the night, and my husband’s allergy symptoms are much better when he’s medicated.

Here’s the infographic with more information:

HowtoConquerAllergySeason (1)

One of the things I miss most about my pre-allergy life is being able to line-dry our clothes. I used to absolutely love the scent of line-dried bedding, but with two majorly allergic family members (and my own recent acquisition of seasonal allergies), that’s a thing of the past. Our windows are often closed when pollen reports are high, and it’s a constant job keeping everyone as comfortable as possible.

How do you manage seasonal allergies? What allergies are in your family?




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2 thoughts on “Lay the smackdown on seasonal allergies

  1. We are so fortunate to not have seasonal allergies! Thank goodness!

    I know they can be downright exhausting.

    I am happy you have found a lot of things that work to lessen the affects of your family’s allergies! Whew!

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