Review: Boomerang Kids Rocks!

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When I first started my kids’ accessories company, it was a hard slog finding retailers to stock my products. Boomerang Kids was one of the first to support me and I’ve always felt so thankful for that. Boomerang Kids is a fantastic retailer of new and gently used kids’ stuff. Clothing, gear, toys and more can be found in their stores and online.

Boomerang Kids has expanded to having eight retail locations (and have added ecommerce, yay!) and I’m happy to support them the way they supported me. Each store is a franchise, and customers can consign gently used kids’ stuff to make even more than they would when selling used items to most similar stores.

You probably know that shopping from my office chair in my pajamas is, like, my most fave way to shop. The only thing better than online shopping is online shopping for amazing deals on great quality products. At Boomerang Kids, you can choose to have your items shipped or you can pick up in store if you’re near a location.

They carry staple brands like Gap, Old Navy, Osh Kosh, Mexx and H&M, but they also carry designer brands like Jacadi, Prada, Hugo Boss, Burberry and Petit Bateau. Deux Par Deux winter coat for my daughter for under $15? YES, PLEASE! And the items they sell are in fantastic condition — nothing stained or ripped, nothing worn out or ratty. In fact, many of the items I ordered ended up being new with tags at used prices. What a deal, right?

When shopping from their site, you’re able to easily filter your search by age, sex, or item type, and stock from all locations appears. You do have to check out with one order per store, which is the only mildly cumbersome part of the process. I found that I wanted items from multiple locations, so ordering from each could be a little pricey when shipping is added. (Although their shipping is very reasonable, at only $10 per package.)

I absolutely love that you can shop their great inventory from anywhere in the country and find amazing deals on everything from maternity clothing to toys and kids’ clothes. It’s handy, convenient, and you know that what you’re getting is great quality. What I love even more is that even when it’s out of season, I was able to find shorts, t-shirts, and swim gear for my kids for a steal! Where else can I do that in February?

I ended up outfitting my kids with 4 pair of shorts each, five shirts for my son, four bathing suits each, and more, all for under $150! That’s less than $8 per piece…Serious score. We took the kids away for family day weekend, and were so happy to have new bathing suits for them since, as it turns out, they’ve grown a ton since the summer. Even better, I placed my order on a Saturday night, and had it in hand (from the Orleans location!) just a couple days later, so it’s perfect for people who accidentally happen to leave preparation till the very last minute. Like, um, me.

I was on my local Rogers Daytime program the other day, with Michelle, the owner of the Vaughan location of Boomerang Kids, and was really happy to hear that each location is very involved with their local community, too. There are great classes to be found at each store, and each location supports local charities by donating consigned items that haven’t sold from the store after their contracted time there is up. I really respect this part of their business.

Boomerang Kids also sells a great selection of maternity wear (which I will never, ever, EVER need that again, thankyouverymuch), as well as toys, new baby gear and dance wear. Seriously worth checking out if you’re a frugalista with high standards, such as myself.

Happy shopping!


Disclaimer: I was compensated for this post. That said, my opinions and positive reviews are never for sale, and opinions and experiences are truthful and honest. I loved my experience shopping online at Boomerang Kids and will definitely do so in future.


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