Resolve Gold is Bringing Brightness Back

I’m a frugal person – I buy a lot of my kids’ clothing second hand, and I love a good vintage piece of furniture. I buy used books and toys, and I love finding a great deal. I waste little, and want little, so it makes sense that one of the things that drives me absolutely crazy is having a single stain ruin a good item of clothing.

I’ve tried all kinds of laundry detergents and stain removers. I mean, I have kids, and stains come with the territory. You know the ground-in stains kids come home with? Grass stains, bloodstains, food stains . . . I’ve honestly stopped buying white clothing, even for myself, because it’s just easier hiding stains than removing them, amiright?

And what about yellowed t-shirt arm pits and pillowcases? Or dingy shirt collars? Or formerly white face cloths?

The process of stain removal is often pretty lengthy: rinse, scrub with stain remover, wash, dry, see that the spot is still there, repeat process until I realize I have two choices… we can either wear stained clothing or get rid of it.

Enter Resolve Gold, my new best friend.Can Resolve Gold get my white facecloths bright again? I decided to tackle my husband’s shirt collar because, well, take a look:

Here's the secret to getting dingy shirt collars clean!

I left the whites in a bucket of water with one scoop of Resolve to soak for about an hour.

Presoaking boosts the power of Resolve Gold!

And then, I added my regular detergent to the laundry, added a scoop of Resolve Gold and hoped for the best.

A scoop of Resolve Gold in the wash cycle with your whites will brighten them up like new!

Want to see the results? Here you go!

Resolve got my husband's dingy shirt collars clean

See more wow-factor stain removal at The Power of Resolve. Resolve doesn’t replace your detergent, you still need that, but it does give it stain removing super powers.

Laugh if you will, but now I have visions of all the stains I’ll be removing – imagine crisp, white pillowcases again! Bye-bye blueberry stains, arrivederci red wine stains, catch ya later, chocolate stains! (Let’s face it, I can’t blame all the stains on the kids.) I see more white shirts in my future.

This post has been brought to you by Resolve Gold, but the images and opinions are my own. For more information, please visit

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One thought on “Resolve Gold is Bringing Brightness Back

  1. My husband’s shirts get horrible ring around the collar and I’ve been looking for something to get them back to normal. This may be just what I need.

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