Pitchin’ Ain’t Easy

It’s taken me years, but I’ve finally figured out what this blog’s all about. I’m a personal essay blogger, sharing opinions and personal stories that seem to resonate with some of you out there. Sure, I also do my fair share of DIYing, and lifestyle-related stuff, too, but my heartfelt and opinion posts are by far the core of I Don’t Blog.

You know my raison d’être is creative writing, but apparently my electrical company doesn’t accept personal essays as payment, so I also write sponsored content here. I try to limit the types of sponsored content I write because I don’t want to dilute my opinions — I want you to know that if a brand or product gets coverage here at I Don’t Blog that it’s something my family genuinely wanted to try, or truly enjoyed. My reviews are honest; that’s part of the deal. I don’t take any offer that comes our way, and I don’t reach out to brands very often because, wow, pitchin’ ain’t easy.

For awhile I thought I’d give up sponsored writing altogether but I realized that the problem was I wasn’t going after what I wanted to write about. I was waiting for appealing opportunities to come to me, and that’s not how it works. You need to be proactive with this stuff.

I give major props to those who write review blogs for a living, because over the last couple weeks, I’ve been pitching like crazy for a couple (really fun!) upcoming projects and it’s just so . . . challenging. I pour my heart into these emails to brands, and am often left hanging. Oof.

You know if you want the straight deal on baby and kid-related gear or travel, you head to Mommy Gearest. Want the inside scoop on absolutely everything lifestyle related? Listen to Lena is your girl. Need a new vehicle? Just ask Wildsau or Squrrell (who also covers parenting, tech, and opinion topics). With all these talented, smart, professionals covering these topics, it’s hard to figure out where the rest of us fit in, but here’s the thing:

Your voice is what makes you unique. 

Pitching takes courage because you’re forced to put yourself out there, splayed out and on display asking for the gig. And most of the time, the answer’s gonna be “no”, but you have to keep trying. Keep pitching. Keep showing up and playing your best game, and letting them know who you are.

Stand up for what you believe in, and don’t be afraid to tell the world why you deserve the job. I deserve the job because you know when I tell you I love something that I really love it, and think you would, too. I deserve the job because I’m an engaging, clever writer who hasn’t lost the thrill of blogging creatively.

I deserve the job. So hey brands, please hire me!

And you deserve the job, too. So get out there, make a dream list and get pitching. It may not be easy, but it’s definitely going to be rewarding.

Life as a blogger: pitchin' ain't easy.

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