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Once upon a time, I asked you all for a favour…


I’ve written some first lines for children’s books, but I’m not sure which direction to head in first, so I could use your help. I promise that one day there will be something very special in it for you. (Other than my most sincere appreciation, of course.) Below I’ve listed five starting lines to books I plan to write. They’re children’s books, not novels, and they’re pre-approved by my kids (who are seven and almost four years old). I would love for you to read them, vote for your favourite, then see what happens (eventually, ha!).

1. One morning when George woke up, he discovered he wasn’t the same boy as he was the night before. He was very hungry, he was very thirsty and he was very, very furry.

2. Elizabeth had a secret. Her secret was like a precious toy tucked into a deep pocket. It was polished and well-worn like seaglass, and was as warm and comforting as her old plush hippo Frederick.

3. There are creatures in the night, but they’re not fearsome. They are the Inklings and they are the keepers of dreams.

4. Parker was no ordinary sloth. Sure, his fur looked like pretty much every other sloth, and his nose was almost the same, and even his claws looked like everyone else’s, but Parker knew he was different.

5. There’s a tree fort in the forest behind our grandmother’s house. We asked her who built it, but she only smiled in response.

Now, please place your vote:

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Thanks, everyone!

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32 Responses to “Once upon a time, I asked you all for a favour…”

  1. Lisa M

    I can’t wait to see the results! I love them all but #3 and #5 stand out to me 🙂

  2. Lisa Darrah Charbonneau

    1 and 3 were my faves…I voted for 1.

  3. Jackie Gillard

    George IS the sloth! Together they’re going to make a superb children’s book – can’t wait for you to sign a copy for my daughter!

  4. Celticlass9

    I was sold on #4 with Parker the Sloth, until I read #5 with the fort-and it seemed magical and mystical and made me want to read more! I voted for #5

  5. Tweepwife

    Hmmm. I’m odd it seems, but I chose Elizabeth. The Inklings were tough to let go.

  6. JackiYo

    I want to know about George, Parker and the tree house!

  7. deebruncocktaildeeva

    #3 cus I see a whole porduct line at Toys r Us.,.lol

  8. Shanondoah Nicholson

    They’re all so good. I want to read all of the stories.

  9. Christine

    Oh! Tough to choose just one! They all caught my attention! I voted, but looks like you’ll have to use all five! A collection of five stories! 😉 P.S. Parker sounds like a cool sloth 🙂

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