OxiClean™ Gives Me Stain-Fighting Superpowers

Who knew that part of being a grown-up would mean getting really excited about something like stain removal? It’s true, though. Stain removal makes me feel like a super hero. You know that sinking-sad feeling when you realize your guest just spilled their red wine on your cream carpet? Or when you dress your kid up in the cutest little white shirt ever, only to be served sloopy spaghettini at dinner? I’m a mom, I know the disappointment of stains. And thanks to OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Removal Powder, now I also know the secrets of effective stain removal.

Did you know that you can actually use OxiClean™ on anything from upholstery and carpets to kitchen counters and bathtubs, too? I’m seeing a stain-free future, and it’s pretty sweet, you guys.

I have cream-coloured carpet, so this isn’t just an imaginary scenario for me. And you know what I did to my carpet? I accidentally dumped an entire black coffee onto it just outside my daughter’s bedroom one day, and have been unsuccessfully trying to remove that stain for months.

Look, here’s the stain:

Coffee stain before OxiClean

It’s such a gross stain! And this is after I used another product (many times) on it to try to remove it.

So I figured I’d give this a try and show you exactly what happened.

First, I mixed the powder according to directions on the tub. Then I applied it, and gave it a rub into the carpet fibres.

Scrubbing coffee stain with OxiClean

Now, it says right on the tub to let it soak for a few hours for stubborn stains, but check this out… this is the stain after I lightly scrubbed for just a couple minutes!

Coffee stain after OxiClean How awesome is that? You can still see slight discolouration, but I am sure that after soaking in longer, or even a second scrub, the stain will be gone. That stain had been rubbed in, and set into the carpet for months!

When added to warm water, OxiClean™ releases its supreme stain-fighting team of micro superheroes (ok, so it’s actually just oxygen, surfactants and polymers being released…) to target and remove the stains without harming the material. So whether it’s a coffee stain on my lovely cream carpet, or a pet stain on a sofa, I know I can get rid of the stains easily without bleaching.

Grass stains, food stains, heck, even blood stains are no longer a concern! (Hmmm, blood stains? Did Dexter know about this stuff?)

For more info, visit them on Facebook, and be sure to keep these handy tips nearby:

Pre-treat for success!

  • Remove as much of the excess stain as possible
  • Mix OxiClean™ powder with water (as directed on packaging) until completely dissolved
  • Apply solution to stain, making sure to completely saturate the stain. Rub and wait up to 10 minutes. Do not allow to dry on fabric
  • For laundry, wash as normal with detergent and OxiClean™
  • For non-laundry water-washable fabrics and surfaces, blot well with a white towel. Rinse item thoroughly and allow to dry
  • Repeat as required

Pre-soak for best results on your tough, dried-in stains

  • Mix OxiClean™ powder with water (as directed on packaging) until completely dissolved
  • Add stained item and soak for 1 to 6 hours
  • Rinse thoroughly for non-washable fabric, or wash as normal with detergent and OxiClean™

Boost your detergent power in-wash

For Top Loaders:

  • Begin filling washer with proper temperature water for your load (see garment care tag)
  • As with detergent, add OxiClean™ to the wash water BEFORE adding laundry 

For HE machines:

  • For HE washers, add OxiClean™ to empty drum before adding clothes. Do not mix OxiClean™ powder with detergent in the dispenser.



This post was brought to you by OxiClean Versatile Stain remover, however the images and opinions are my own. For more information please visit http://oxiclean.ca/.

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2 thoughts on “OxiClean™ Gives Me Stain-Fighting Superpowers

  1. Coffee is the worst! You know what’s even worse than black coffee? Coffee with cream and sugar. I am not sure what kind of chemical reaction takes place, but it becomes this viscous liquid of doom capable of spreading its misery far beyond expected boundaries of the spill site. The worst!

    I am so glad the OxiClean worked for you. That’s great!

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