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Ontario to Newfoundland Road Trip Itinerary


Our Summer 2016 #IDontRoadTrip is nearly here, and the fine details are being polished. There’s still time for you to plan the same trip (or a similar one. . . don’t feel pressured to do the entire thing!) so we’re going to share the little details with you.

Planning where you’ll stay, and how long you’ll drive for each day is an important part of keeping road trips fun. Overdo it, and you’ll exhaust everyone.

Before you get this far, make sure you’ve booked a housesitter. We never leave home without informing our neighbours we’ll be away, and hiring someone to care for our home. (Stay tuned for a post about why this is so very important!)

Next, plan your route on Google Maps and decide how far you’re comfortable driving each day. We’ve made plans to stop in a number of fun cities along the route. We booked hotels ahead of time (thanks to Expedia.ca!), which takes one worry off our minds when we stop for the night.

Here’s what our itinerary looks like:

8am:  leave home
3pm:  arrive in Montreal
check in at Le Cantlie Suites
4pm: Visit Au Sommet PVM
5:30: Dinner
7pm: Check out Quartier des spectacles

8am: Breakfast
9am: Drive to Quebec City
12pm: Arrive in Quebec City
12pm: Lunch
1:30: check in at Hotel Clarendon
2pm: Bus Rouge Tour
6pm: Dinner

8:30: Breakfast
9:30: Drive to Moncton
Noon: Lunch on the road
6pm: Arrive in Moncton
6:15: Check in at Residence Inn Moncton

8:30: Breakfast
10am: Magnetic Hill, Magnetic Hill Zoo
3pm: Drive to Halifax
6pm: Dinner
Stay at Halifax Marriott Harbourfront

8am: Breakfast
9am: Explore waterfront, take a Harbour Hopper tour
11:00: Lunch
Drive to North Sydney
3:30pm: Arrive in North Sydney
3:30pm: Check in at Marine Atlantic
5:30pm: Cross to Newfoundland

10am: Arrive in Argentia
Stay in NL for awhile (we’ll be posting details about what to do on the Avalon Peninsula, too!)


Cross on Marine Atlantic ferry back to North Sydney

8am: Arrive in North Sydney
Drive to Peggy’s Cove
Noon: Lunch
Look around Peggy’s Cove
3pm: Drive to Moncton
6pm: Dinner
Stay at Residence Inn Moncton

Visit Resurgo Place
Drive to Quebec City

Drive home

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  1. Tammy Mitchell

    Alex I love this itinerary!
    You are inspiring me to *maybe plan a trip to NFL next year. It’s been on our bucket list for sometime. How long are you on the island for?

    • alexandria

      Oh you SHOULD! This year we’re only staying a week. We usually stay for 2.

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