>On Guilt

>”You never call.”
“You made me cry.”
“Can’t you just stay and snuggle me instead of working?”

These are all things I’ve heard in the last week. There isn’t an area of my life that doesn’t cause me some sort of stress, and generally the stress comes from guilty feelings.

I feel guilty that I don’t bring home the money I did at my former career. I chose to instead stay home with our kids.

Then I feel guilty because I work so effing hard at my job (a company I started for fun, that has turned into even more than a full-time job) and can’t spend all day every single day just playing with the kids.

I feel guilty that my house isn’t tidy and clean the way I wish it could be.

I feel guilty that we don’t keep in touch with people the way they want us to. Time flies by and I forget or I’m too busy and everyone feels like they’re being neglected when none of that is intentional.

When I express an opinion that doesn’t agree with someone else’s, I feel guilty for offending them.

Guilt for eating foods I shouldn’t eat.

Guilt for feeding the kids foods that aren’t organic.

Guilt. Guilt. Guilt.


How do I learn to get over the guilt and just embrace the positive feelings? Because I’m feeling pretty bogged down by other peoples’ issues this week and I’d rather spend my long weekend happy, to be honest.

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4 thoughts on “>On Guilt

  1. >(((HUGS))) Guilt is something that really can eat us from inside out. I don't have any magic cure, I feel guilt all the time too, but sometimes just stepping away from everything for an hour or two can bring clarity. As for a clean house I live by these mottos:

    Kids won't remember how clean or dirty your house is, they'll remember how much fun they had in it.

    Or altenatively: A clean home is the sign of a wasted life.

    Now don't go all hoarders, but it's ok to put off the cleaning for a rainy day.

  2. >I've always felt that guilt only gets the better of us when we don't put enough faith & belief in that we are doing the best we can. When we keep comparing ourselves to standards set by others and not by our own, we'll never feel like we are doing what we should.

    If you truly believe that you are doing all you can, than you have absolutely nothing to feel guilty about!

  3. >You write from the heart and it always pulls at mine! Guilt is a difficult beast to deal with no matter the situation.
    Have fun doing whatever makes you happy and brings you Joy. Other peoples' issues be damned…for today least!

  4. >A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…You consoled me over something so trivial that I no longer remember what the issue was, and got me to open up to you (then a stranger) by telling me, "Alex takes offense to nothing." (That part I remember.)

    I don't know about you, but I find that being offended and feeling guilty work along a similar path of destruction, in the way that both leave you with a crippling sense of failure and weakness.

    Take no prisoners, and free yourself from both.

    Figuratively speaking, of course.

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