Oh my god, shut the fuck up.

How many times a day does that run through my head?  I’m willing to bet it runs through your head pretty often, too.

This world’s been a LOT the last couple years, hasn’t it? Beyond the pandemic, it’s just been a whole decade of shenanigans to deal with. Is it this time of life? Is it societal? Is it political?

Let’s chat about it.

After years of people saying I should do it, I’m finally doin’ it: my new podcast, called OMG STFU will be launching soon.

I am VERY excited to bring with me a world of interesting guests, and topics that’ll have you tuning in, if only to hate listen to me while you mutter, “OMG, STFU” to yourself. 😉

Got a topic that fires you up? Let me know! Want to chat with me on the show? Let’s do it!

Here we go.

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