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*~ CLOSED ~* No need to wait — treat today!

You already know I believe in finding and appreciating all the small joys life has to offer. I think it’s the little things that make life amazing, and I treat every day like it’s special. I don’t wait for special events to bake a cake, or tell someone how much they mean to me. I don’t need any excuse to treat myself, either. No time like today, I say.

And come on, what better way to treat myself than with some Cupcake Vineyards wine on taco night?

Treat today! No need to wait for a special occasion.

Sure, the meal wasn’t fancy, but I had made it through two days home with a sick kiddo, and I feel like that’s worth treat.

My parents are in town… that's worth celebrating!

Of course, I think a lot of things are worth treating.

Here’s a list of things I feel deserve a treat:

– the fact that my parents are in town
– my parents have been staying with us for a month (omg)
– the fact that it’s Wednesday (or Monday, Tuesday, or any other day that ends in -day)
– your kids’ bedtime went smoothly
– your kids’ bedtime went off the rails
– it’s sunny
– it’s cloudy/rainy/snowy/warm/hot
– winter is FINALLY over
– winter has apparently not received the memo
– you had a shower today
– you haven’t showered in days
– you had a great workout! or no workout at all

Oh, what’s that? I cooked a meal that actually contained something from each food group AND the kids ate? I’m celebrating that.

Any reason is reason enough to treat today.

Cupcake's Red Velvet wine was a great way to treat myself.

See what I mean? Everything is worth celebrating.

I tried both the Cupcake Red Velvet (yes! I can actually taste the chocolate notes!) and Cupcake Sauvignon Blanc (would go great with oysters, but was delish with our tacos) and enjoyed both. The Red Velvet delivered rich chocolate and blackberry flavours with just a hint of coconut and mocha. The Sauvignon Blanc (made with grapes sourced from the South Island of New Zealand) was vibrant with hints of Meyer lemons and key lime, and was very creamy — yum!

And I’m going to help you embrace the “Treat Today” motto, too! I’ve got a beautiful gift basket with luxurious products from LOVEFRESH to give away!

It doesn’t need to be Friday to take an extra-long lunch or date night to dress up. Today doesn’t need candles, a big win or an overpriced view to celebrate because today is the occasion. There’s no better time than now to #TreatToday with an at-home spa day with this luxury bath gift set from Cupcake Vineyards! Sugar scrub and body butter? Yes, please!

(Approx. retail value $60.00)

Treat today and win this gift basket from IDontBlog.ca!To enter, simply follow the instructions below. Good luck, everyone!

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31 Responses to “*~ CLOSED ~* No need to wait — treat today!”

  1. kristen visser

    oh this would be amazing to win! I don’t treat myself often but when I do I am happy with a nice bubble bath, wine and chocolates 🙂

  2. Amanda Walker

    I’ll have to try the wine! Sounds delish 🙂 Love your Treat Today” motto!

  3. Nicole

    My favourite way to treat myself is by treating myself well with a good walk or run, followed by a hot bath and a nice meal (with wine as a bonus!).

  4. erin

    I love a hot hot bath with a good book and wine.

  5. Shauna Oberg

    Nothing beats a relaxing bath at the end of a long day!

  6. Stephanie Banning

    My favourite way to treat myself is with a cup of chai tea and a great book… (preferably without the boys calling mom… every 10 seconds. Oh I love them, but really every 10 seconds… MOM, MOM, MOM)

  7. Dawn Jaycocks

    A good book snuggled under a warm blanket that usually leads to a nap. Then a nice glass of red wine post nap.

  8. Jenness Mills

    A bubble bath with candles and a glass of vino!

  9. Katie O.

    Treat Yo Self is always a good philosophy (thanks Parks & Rec). Wine and chocolate, pj’s and TV…

  10. D

    A glass of wine, a fat novel, and sounds from the kitchen of my husband doing the dishes.

  11. jennwallage

    A pedicure… totally my guilty pleasure!!

  12. Andrea Amy

    With 5 kids it doesn’t happen often, but I really love to have a hot bath and soak with a good book, and a couple times a year I like to get out to the movies 🙂

  13. Krista Miller

    I like to treat myself with a little clothes shopping, then go out to a pub for some beer & appetizers with friends.

  14. Sharon

    I love to just kick back on a Friday night and watch Netflix. I hear that Sauvignon Blanc goes well with Barbecue Chips

  15. Nicolthe pickle

    My favourite way is to go out for coffee. It’s a nice change of pace.

  16. Nate Fuller

    I like to get a bottle of wine every once in awhile.

  17. Nicole Jubleew

    I like to book a relaxing massage.

  18. zztheresa

    I love to treat myself to a nice hot bubble bath and a good book 🙂

  19. Sarah McCormack

    a 3 hour dinner with a good friend… eating and chatting.. my 2 fave things 🙂

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