My bliss, my bliss, my lovely little bliss

I can’t remember if I ever shared with you one of the most poignant things my husband ever said to me, but since I’m old and forgetful, I’m sure you’ll forgive me for sharing it again. Shortly after we met, he said, “I know under that tough exterior, there’s such a nice person hiding.” It was true. I had a secret smile and I used it only for him. I kept the softest part of me tucked away in the deepest reaches of myself to protect it, having known all too well what happens when you let the world see your vulnerability. It took many years of him prying, supporting and encouraging me for me to share that smile.

And even still, I often forget to let my light shine, preferring to dull it with cynicism and doubt. Sometimes it feels easier to be aloof, to pretend not to care, to disconnect. Sometimes it is just too much listening to the haters, the ones forever stomping on happiness, the downers.

And then Blissdom Canada happens. At the moment when my tank feels empty, I’m given the opportunity to connect in person with My People. The ones who expose their lives on the internet in the same spaces I haunt. The ones who read my words, whose words I breathe, the ones who are supportive and kind, uplifting, fun and positive. And it’s just such a phenomenal experience for me that I feel refreshed and ready to take on the world. New business goals! New personal goals! All the goals!

BlissDom Canada 2014 Alexandria DurrellIt’s then I remember that the joys in life are these connections, this happiness. That no matter how we’re doing this thing, we’re doing it right. We get one spin around, we might as well make it a good one, right? I know I sure don’t want to spend my time doing something I don’t enjoy that allows me to spend more time only doing that same something I don’t enjoy. I want to do the things that make me happy, and in turn make others happy. I want to support the positive.

So this year, I’d like to try to keep that momentum going by hosting a blog series focussing on the positive. This is my call out to you all to submit your stories about finding and appreciating the small joys in life. 

Every Monday beginning October 13, 2014 (Canadian Thanksgiving, how apropos!) a new post will be live here, telling someone else’s story. There is no deadline. I hope this project is ongoing.

You don’t have to be a writer or blogger to participate. You just have to dig into yourself to discover all the ways you can find those sweet chunks of joy wherever possible.

Follow along by reading here, and by following the hashtag #BlogSmallJoys on Twitter.


Are you interested in sharing how you find and appreciate the small joys in life? I would love to share your story here.

Please email me at alexandriawrites @ with your submission and I’ll let you know when to expect your post to go live.

Be sure to include any URLs you’d like linked back, along with a bio and any other information you want to include. Photos are welcome (with appropriate source credit, of course).

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17 thoughts on “My bliss, my bliss, my lovely little bliss

  1. I love this!

    I love this so much that I am putting it on the exact opposite end of the happiness continuum from my FOMO over BlissDom. 😉

    I am sure this blog series will be a success.

      1. Me, too! I am making it a goal for next year.

        I wanted to be there. I am not kidding about the FOMO.

        There was a FOMO lunch with friends on Friday.

        Thank goodness for friends. : )

      2. Oh, I know you weren’t kidding. I missed out on Blissdom one year (because my family was at DisneyWorld) and I was so sad!

        It really is a great time, I can’t wait to see you there next year.

  2. Yes… I don’t even do selfies (or pics) but I want an Alex selfie too! (Mostly because she’s so pretty nobody will notice me). Also she’s even nicer and funnier in person (Which I didn’t think was possible!)

    1. You’re way too kind, Jenn. Thank you. xox

      You’ll make a submission, won’t you? Please say yes!

  3. I love when you said connect with “my people” so many people do not know what a blogger is and then you get in a room with hundreds of people who “get it” We all have a voice through our blogs. It was bliss, bliss baby

    1. It’s crazy, right? It’s like a totally different world. I hope you’ll make a submission to this project, Patsy!

  4. I think this is a great idea and I can’t wait to read the submissions. Wish I could have met you at Blissdom 🙂

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