Music is Life

Songs that make me feel happy to be alive.

My life has a soundtrack. Much like my life, it isn’t a very consistent one, and sometimes seems out of place or in conflict with what’s happening. That’s what I love about it.

Every single day is filled with songs and singing and appreciating the music someone else has created with the fibres of each and every one of my feelings.

There are happy days I’ll fill with solemn music, or sad days filled with heavy beats and happy tunes. There are days when it’s all about reminiscing, or days when I’m adventurous and try on some new music. But every day, there are lyrics and beats.

These are just 12 songs I listened to today that made me feel happy to be alive.

Naturally, I thought I’d share them with you, in the hopes they make you feel the same way.

Fix You — Coldplay
Brave — Sara Bareilles
Wonderin’ — Nicole Reynolds
Carry On — Cœur de Pirate
Ahead by a Century — The Tragically Hip
Hello — Adele
Thank You — Alanis Morissette
Call and Answer — Barenaked Ladies
I Will Follow You Into the Dark — Death Cab for Cutie
Best Day of My Life — American Authors
Cups — Anna Kendrick
Nightswimming — R.E.M.

If you’ve got some to share with me, please let me know.

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