10 Reasons You Should go to Monster Jam

We took the kids to Monster Jam in Toronto the other night, and had yet another awesome time. It’s amazing just how fun watching huge trucks race around in the dirt can be. I never thought we’d be into it, but yup, it’s a whole pile of fun.

Here are ten reasons you should really go see Monster Jam:

10. Monster Jam is fun for the whole family!
My son has been waiting for this show for SO LONG, and even my daughter loves the show. This was my husband’s first time seeing Monster Jam, and he loved it, too.
Monster Jam is fun for the whole family

9. Yup, the whole family.
From small kids to grandparents, everyone loves the show. The granddad behind us was absolutely loving it, and my entire family is excited to go again next year.
The entire family will love Monster Jam -- from small kids to grandparents, there's fun for everyone8. The vehicles are fantastic.
Monster Mutts and Alien Invasion, Zombie and this ultimately COOL bus, Higher Education, they’re all so fun to watch.
Where else but Monster Jam can you see a COOL bus do this?7. It’s L-O-U-D! It’s rumble-your-seat loud, and we loved it.
(With proper ear protection, of course).

6. The stunts are the coolest!
Seriously, it’s pretty neat watching these trucks catch air, considering they weight 4 tonnes.
Monster Jam truck drivers do the coolest stunts

5. Monster Jam is unpredictable, and that’s part of the fun!
You never know exactly what’s going to happen — will a truck roll over? Will they lose a tire?
Monster Jam is unpredictable, and that's part of the fun4. There’s science involved.
Ok, it might be a stretch, but I can always work a little lesson into this stuff. These trucks weigh 4 tonnes or more, can boast up to 2000 horsepower and can reach speeds up to 165kms/hour. That’s mad crazy! Imagine what it takes to launch one of these babies into the air?
Where else can you see 4 tonne trucks reach speeds of up to 165km per hour and take leaps like this?

3. It’s affordable family fun!
With tickets starting around $15, it’s a pretty cheap family event, don’t you think? Three solid hours of fun at that price is a bargain, I think.
Monster Jam is affordable family fun

2. It’s a spectacle the whole crowd gets into.
People cheer for their favourite trucks and drivers, and the fireworks at the end are almost as loud as the fans’ cheering!
The whole crowd gets into the Monster Jam spectacle

1. It’s just pure fun from start to finish.
You can’t deny the appeal of these huge trucks spinning through the dirt, climbing obstacles and smooshing cars.Check out the guy in the front row in this video — he’s a capital-F FAN, you guys. It’s just fun!

See you at next year’s show!




(Disclosure: I was given tickets for my family to attend the Monster Jam show in Toronto as compensation for writing a pre- and post-show post about it. I was also given a family pass to give away, which I did via the blog.)

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