*~ CLOSED ~* Medieval Times Toronto Wants YOU to Join Them!

*~ CLOSED ~* Medieval Times Toronto Wants YOU to Join Them!

Sometime in the 90s, I went to Medieval Times and had this photo taken. I’ve always wondered just why I kept it, but now I know the reason: to share it with you today. Obviously.

Who wants tickets to Medieval Times in Toronto?Medieval Times invited my family to take in the dinner and show recently, and I gotta tell you — it was even more fun than I remembered it being! And come on, our family photo is at least as hilarious as my photo from the 90s.

Win tickets to Medieval Times in Toronto for you and your family from IDontBlog.caMy kids (9 and 6) were so into the show: they were cheering, cringing, and booing the entire time. It is, hands down, the most family fun we’ve had in ages. It would also make for a riotous date night, seriously. The entertainment and food really is that great.

Just check out how much our son absolutely loved it all:

While watching the hand-to-hand combats, you can hear him saying, “Hi-yaaaa!” and “OH MY GOSH!”. He was all in, this kid:

The show is approximately two hours, and the action never stops. From horse shows to jousting, hand-to-hand-combat and drama, it’s a seriously well-executed event! From the moment you’re greeted (“Good evening, m’lady!”) to the very end of the show, everything’s just so, so fun.

Our server (shoutout to wench Caitlyn!) was also knowledgeable with the food allergy restrictions, noting that our peanut- and nut-allergic son shouldn’t eat the garlic bread or regular tart dessert (he was given safe sorbet instead). They’ll also accommodate vegetarians, so no worries there, either. (Oh, yes, and the servers are called wenches, that’s not me being rude.)

Dinner starts with tomato soup and garlic bread — both were delicious. And the heavy metal dishware is pretty cool, too.

Enjoy delicious food at Medieval Times in Toronto!

"METAL DISHES? Cool, mom!"
“METAL DISHES? Cool, mom!”
The food was a hit at Medieval Times in Toronto. Win tickets to the show at IDontBlog.ca!
He was thrilled to get an extra piece of corn because he couldn’t eat the garlic bread, and then another from his big sis!

The half-chicken dinner is a monstrous portion for anyone, and the potato and corn is delicious. And of course, the kids absolutely loved being able to eat with their hands!

Kids of all ages love Medieval Times in Toronto! Win tickets from IDontBlog.ca!

The costuming of the horses and people in the show was truly spectacular. I mean — it’s just so much rich fabric and beautiful styling. From flags to armour to the music and storyline, the entire show is beautiful.

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Each section in the stadium is colour-coded to match one of the knights. We cheered on our red-and-yellow knight loudly, and booed the others, of course. And our daughter was chosen by our valiant red-and-yellow knight as Queen of the Tournament — she was thrilled!

Win tickets to Medieval Times in Toronto from IDontBlog.ca!

During the falconry show, the bird flew so close over my head, I felt the breeze from its wings in my hair! At the end of this short video, you can hear my surprised reaction. It was pretty amazing to watch.

Even the gift shop at Medieval Times is impressive — curated well, with prices that don’t feel like typical tourist gouging. And it’s all interesting to look at, too.

Visit the gift shop when you win tickets to Medieval Times Toronto from IDontblog.caThere’s a “dungeon” exhibit (for a small additional fee of a couple bucks, I think) that features some common torture devices in it, but we didn’t take the kids through there. We felt it would be a little scary for them.

Now for the really exciting part:

We’ve got a family pass of 4 tickets* to give to one lucky reader, too, so be sure to enter to win it!

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*General Admission tickets, approximate retail value of $268CDN

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54 thoughts on “*~ CLOSED ~* Medieval Times Toronto Wants YOU to Join Them!

  1. We brought my niece to Medieval Times when she came for a visit (from Australia) and when she got home, it was all she could talk about. It was definitely a memory making event. I would love to go back.

    And I believe there are 6 knights at the show.

  2. Looks like 6 knights. I went to this Medieval times with a school choir trip in high school, still remember the thrill of eating with my hands.

  3. Fun! We went when our youngest turned 4 but I bet they’d like it even more now (though not so sure we’ll do the torture chamber yet either…) There are 6 knights!

  4. There are six knights (as an aside, Poppy calls the Yellow and Red Knight Mr. Ketchup and Mustard)

  5. Six knights! Many years ago, I got engaged at Medieval Times! I even remember that our knight was the Green Knight.

  6. There are 6 Knights at Medieval Times. Fingers crossed. Lived in Toronto for many years and haven’t gone….yet….good luck everyone.

  7. There are 6 Knights at Medieval Times: Black and White Knight; Green Knight; Yellow Knight; Red Knight; Red and Yellow Knight and lastly Blue Knight!

  8. There are 6 knights at the Toronto castle. I still have my photo from the 90’s also. Pretty sure it’s protected by magic as nothing else has lasted through the years 😉

  9. There are 6 Knights at the Castle in Toronto… I love medieval, and the show is incredible. Amazing what those horses can do 🙂

  10. Six! The Black & White Knight. The Green Knight. The Yellow Knight. The Red Knight. The Red & Yellow Knight. The Blue Knight.

  11. I would love to take the kids to see the 6 Knights fight at Medieval Times in Toronto

  12. 6 knights. What a great chance gor us to take our grandson , he could even take a friend.
    Thank you

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