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Me, My Husband and Social Media

me my husband and social media

I spend a lot of time online, and I think my husband does, too. He blogs on occasion, he’s on Facebook and Twitter, and he does a lot of online reading and research. Our paths definitely cross, but we’re not intertwined online, and I really like it that way. People seem to find that a little odd, but you know what? I find it stranger when that’s not the case.

I’m going to admit here that I find it… weird when spouses interact an awful lot online. Weirder still when they share accounts like “JennAndDoug Smith” on Facebook or when someone tells me to email them at “”. (Hey, all you Smiths I know, this isn’t about you, it was just the first name that came to mind.) I don’t really understand wanting to be a single entity with a spouse. It’s not that I don’t like to share with Ryan, I totally do, but I like to be my own person more than I like to share accounts with him. I don’t know his email or Facebook passwords, although I bet if I asked, he’d tell me. He also doesn’t know mine. We share an iTunes account across all our Apple devices, so that we’re able to pay just once for apps and music, so technically we could see one another’s texts and messages if we wanted to, but they’re kept separate. My profile pictures don’t usually include him, because he’s not me. And I certainly don’t understand listing a spouse in a bio on Twitter, though I know that’s a pretty popular thing to do.

We have separate social calendars, and a shared family one. We do our own things online, and spend the rest of our time together. On occasion he reads my blog (hi, Ry!), and sometimes refers to me on Twitter (hey, @squrrell!), and rarely gives me Facebook posts a “Like” (whaddup wit dat?), but that’s a-ok with me. We live together. We’ve been together for something like 16 years, isn’t that together enough?

I asked Ryan the other night if he thinks it’s weird we don’t interact more often online, and he agrees with me. Of course we talk online, but we’re not, um, up each other’s modem, if you know what I mean.

What’s your take on the subject? Is your partner on social media? Do you share accounts, or chat to one another a lot online?

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13 Responses to “Me, My Husband and Social Media”

  1. Kristen

    could not agree more. don’t get when people wish their spouse a happy birthday on social media, and the spouse responds with a “thanks honey, love you.” its weird. they’re probably sitting in the same room. lets all use our words sometimes, no?

    • alex durrell

      Sometimes Ryan and I tweet in conversations with other people when we’re sitting right next to one another. But it doesn’t happen often.

  2. alimartell

    I would say that for us, Facebook is really the only social media platform we ever engage on, and it’s mostly in a supportive capacity, like, say, I’m running a photography contest and I’d like more people to see it, type way.

    Or, you know, if I write something funny one of the kids said while he’s at work etc.
    Or if he takes off work in the middle of the day to go to the Jays game etc.

    It works for us. 🙂

    • alex durrell

      We interact, of course. Probably a lot like you two do, actually. Works for us, too.

  3. Cardoor

    Nope! Noah doesn’t have a FB account or a Twitter account nor does he have a blog! No online socializing for us. People find it funny sometimes that a part of my job is social media and I love everything social and Noah doesn’t even have a FB account.

    • alex durrell

      That’s pretty funny, really. You’re SO online, and he’s not!

  4. Louise

    Up in each other’s modem….best line ever. Yep, completely separate online lives/passwords/accounts. But I do occasionally sneak in photos of him in my profile…because…. he makes my eyes happy. Again, that’s all about “me” 🙂

    • alex durrell

      Oh, I’m not dissing those! Not at all. I post photos of Ryan, talk about him, etc… I just don’t make a practice out of it. Because I’m all about me. HA!

      • Louise

        Oh I knew you weren’t….but it is an instance where we cross over into one another’s identities, I suppose. I am a bit of a flogger when it comes to JB though and I own it completely 😉

  5. Deborah Coombs

    Jim started actually using his FB account a year or so ago. I think he still has Twitter, but it was secret, anon one for work purposes. He thinks I spend too much time on social media. I think he spends to much time on his music collection. Whatevs.

    FB is great for connecting when one of us is away, or I’m at an event with Michael or something. “Hey! Look what cute thing our kid just did!” But that’s about it. We communicate in person, or by text or phone when we’re apart.

    Of course, we have been known to Skype or IM from one floor of the house to another. But that’s just pure laziness when one of us has a question 🙂

    And we do have a joint email account that we use for household stuff, memberships we share. We’d never use it for actual interactions with people 🙂

  6. @Blueravefinn

    My husband is Mr. Anti-Social media. I don’t mind it one bit. Sometimes it seems, IDK, weird when I tell him about my social media activities. Other times he comes up & tells me something of great interest and I’m all “Yah, I saw that on Twitter days ago.”

  7. Maria Petrov

    My husband is not really a social media fan 😉 But he supports my fascination with it and my work

  8. Javamom

    I sometimes am so lazy that I text him from the kitchen instead of walking all the way down the basement stairs to the home office… 🙂 Seems better than yelling, anyway.

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