What’s the best #LifeAdvice you’ve ever received?

Our lives are shaped by the people around us. The things we experience, the words of the people in our families, the friends we have … even the people we’re not too fond of have an effect on our lives. When I think about all the advice I’ve received in my life, some makes me laugh, some makes me roll my eyes, and some warms my heart. I really love sharing positive things, and that’s a big part of why I’m excited to participate in the Manulife #LifeAdvice campaign.

The campaign has one purpose: to spread some thanks this holiday season, by featuring people talking about the best piece of life advice they’ve ever received, and thanking the person who gave it to them. Did you have a teacher who made an impact on your life? Did your Grandmother share her wisdom? Life advice comes from all kinds of people, and I love that this program helps us remember those words, and give thanks for them.

I want to thank my Mom, who told me to go to university and study hard.
I want to thank my Dad for telling me to live my own life, nobody else’s.
I want to thank my husband for teaching me that just because something is true, it doesn’t mean it needs to be said.
I thank my daughter who once told me that the people who are the meanest are the ones we need to give more attention to, not ignore.
I thank the woman in the grocery store who once told me to enjoy every minute of my beautiful child’s baby years, because in a blink, they would be adults.
I thank the priest who married my husband and I for her advice prior to our wedding, which was to never expect a person to change when they have repeatedly shown you who they truly are.
I thank my grandmother (may she rest in peace) for telling me that girls cannot swim while menstruating — because even terrible advice leads to funny stories later in life!

Would you like to share your thanks, too?

Share your stories by hashtagging them with #LifeAdvice on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and come take part in a positive, fun Twitter chat on December 9 at 9pmET with me and the rest of the Manulife Street Team as we talk about the best life advice we’ve ever heard, and who we thank for it. (You can also tag Manulife on Facebook or Twitter, if you want!)

10846033_10152785312050660_6487502224083254607_nI’ll be interviewing lots of people over the coming week, so be sure to check my YouTube channel for videos like this one of my ridiculous husband, whose best life advice came from something so unappreciated at the time:



Disclosure: I am being paid as an ambassador for this awesome program, but the opinions are, as always, my own. 

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4 thoughts on “What’s the best #LifeAdvice you’ve ever received?

  1. First and foremost, Clippo + Squrrell = adorable.

    Secondly, what a nice initiative. I agree with Ryan. Asking questions is a great way to learn about other people. How cool is his Dad? So cool! There was more than one great life lesson in that gift. 😉

    That mic is way coo, btw.

    Good luck with your chat.

    1. Haha, well it took about 15 years for him to appreciate the advice given so I wouldn’t put those on a must buy list for any 18 year olds out there…

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