Let’s Talk About That Cronut Burger

Today, I read that a few people got sick at the CNE after eating a “Cronut Burger”. What’s that, you ask? Why, it’s a deep-fried doughnut-croissant hybrid stuffed with a beef patty, cheese and topped with maple bacon jam, of course. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Nope, to me it sounds absolutely heart-stoppingly disgusting.

Source: Canada.com

So on Facebook I jokingly said, “Hahaha, people eat a “cronut burger” (a deep-fried doughnut-croissant hybrid stuffed with a beef patty, cheese and topped with maple bacon jam) at the CNE, get sick and it makes the news? That SHOULD make a person sick! How disgusting.”

Turns out, though most people agree that it’s a truly sickening thing to consume, others feel that the CNE (or any carnival) is all about this kind of cardiac-arrest-concoction. As a kid, I remember eating candy floss and hot dogs, which, sure, aren’t the healthiest, but when did we cross over into the land of deep fried Mars bars and other shocking food items? At what point does adventure become sheer gluttony? I say at this point.

I’m not saying I wouldn’t take a bite of these vile foods, but to order one and eat what is apparently 7500 calories? Not a freaking chance.

What’s your take? Am I being a stick in the mud for finding this kind of thing truly disgusting?

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15 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About That Cronut Burger

  1. I had one and enjoyed it. Was it the best thing ever.. NOPES. Was it quirky. YUP! P.S the cronut isn’t 7500 calories… that’s the bacon meal – Bacon burger, bacon shake ( I loved the bacon but it was more milk than a shake) and the deep fried bacon mars bar .. that’s the 7500 calorie deal. Cronut is prolly just 6000 bwhahaha… oh and by the way the cronut burger is the size of an english muffin, I needed more food post cronut. *pigggy*

    1. Someone who was at the media day said that the release said it was 7500, that’s where I got the info. 🙂

  2. I would totally try a bite! However, I agree with you, there is no way I would be able to stomach the whole thing!

  3. We truly have so much food now available at our fingertips that we have to push the envelope this far to make it noteworthy. I’m all for having treats – but seriously, these foods aren’t treats. Ugh. Disappointing and disgusting and impossible to call “food”

    1. It’s so gluttonous, wasteful and disgusting to me. I understand wanting to try whacky foods, I really do, and I love a good grease-fest on my plate, but this is just over-the-top, to me.

  4. Would taste it, but wouldn’t go beyond that! Totally agree with ya, seems a bit intense and over the top trying hard to be super cool.

    My first time stopping by. Found ya via the new Facebook savvy mom group!


    1. Hi! Thanks for popping by, I’ll come visit your site, too. Happy to be meeting all the SavvyStories bloggers. 🙂

  5. It scares me that anyone, anywhere can get foodborne illness—by eating anything from a salad to eating a (HURL) cronut cheeseburger, because there’s a difference between a stomach ache from eating something gross and greasy and food poisoning from eating tainted meat or something undercooked etc.

    When stuff like this happens to food most people shouldn’t be consuming—tasting, maybe, for fun (HURL) but not consuming in excess—we are quick to be like, “Oh! Not surprised! OF COURSE we got sick from that…that’s gross food!” But the truth is, all food should meet certain standards, yanno?

    1. Well, yes, it is scary that I can get eColi from eating my alfalfa sprouts or food poisoning from a Cronut burger, yes. And yes, I think we ought to be able to feel safe eating food that’s sold to us, but I also maintain that this is a truly disgusting food. I’m not mocking anyone for having gotten sick — I can imagine no more mortifying place to be barfing and pooping than at the CNE, truly — but come on, do we REALLY need to be eating these foods? Gag.

  6. I think, even post-marathon or 100 mile bike ride (and the bike ride burned a mere 3500 calories), Nick would draw the line well before one of those….

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