What’s small, yellow, silly, and covered in chocolate?

Get your Minion toys in specially marked Kinder Eggs!

No, not the kid. (Although he is definitely small and silly, and often covered in chocolate…) Have you ever noticed that the yellow plastic KINDER® Eggs capsules look just like Minions? You’ll never look at them the same, will you?

So now you know exactly what to do with those little yellow things!

Kinder Egg Minion!


And inside those fun yellow capsules, now you can find limited edition Minion toys! Just in time for the new Minions movie being released July 10, there are 11 adorable little Minion toys to collect inside specially marked KINDER® Egg packages!

Find Minion toys inside specially marked KINDER® Eggs!

My kids loved making these cute little Minions from their plastic eggs, and are VERY excited to see the movie this summer. I’ll be picking up the Minion toys for them, for sure!

Kinder Egg Minions!

If you collect all 11 Minion toys, be sure to visit the KINDER® Facebook page on May 22 for a chance to win four tickets to see the Minions movie in theatre when it comes out!

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