Kids crack me up

I’m on a few web boards and one of my favourite threads is always the one about the hilarious things kids say. There’s nothing more awesome than having a kid ask about something incredibly private, at full volume, in the grocery store checkout line, right? Or how about the adorable observations of kids? So cute.

So this morning while I was cleaning the kitchen, the kids were sitting at the dining room table behind me. Mason (2.5) was looking out the window into our back yard, where our mattress cover is hanging out on the clothes line. Here’s what went down:

Mason: What dat hangin’, Mommy?
Me: What’s what?
Mason: Dat white fing hangin’.
Me: That’s our mattress cover.
Mason: Why it hangin’, Mommy?
Me: Because I washed it, and thought I’d hang it to dry instead of putting it in the dryer.
Mason: Why you wash it, Mommy? Cuz it got pee on it? Doughy [Story] pee on it! Douuuuuughhyyyyy, you peeeeee on it. You pee on it! Hahaha, you pee on it.
Story: Whatever, Mason. Sometimes pees sneak out at night. I don’t care.
Me: Well, yeah, but also because I wash it often anyhow. 
Mason: Why you hang it?
Me: Because I like the way stuff smells when it dries outside. It smells like nature.
Mason: Nature? Ew. I no yike dat smell. I NO YIKE DAT AT ALL. 

Who doesn’t like the smell of nature? Psshhhh… this kid is crazy.

What kinds of hilarious stuff have your kids said?

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2 thoughts on “Kids crack me up

  1. AHAHAH too funny!
    Just today on the way to work Charlotte was talking to Peter in the backseat of the car and she said “Peter! There’s no Party Rocking in the House Tonight! There is no one at home!”

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