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Some of us are born to get behind the wheel. We love the idea of driving; the speed, the freedom, and complexity of navigating the busy streets and highways. Others, not so much. Whatever camp you fit in, driving is a fact of life for most of us. Sure, technology may begin to change that in the years to come, but driving will likely always have some place for us – even if only for the pleasure of it.

So when should we start learning to drive? When should we begin to understand the physics of driving? Kids will learn to ride a bike at 4 or 5 years old, and continue riding for years before they ride on the streets alone. So why do we wait until we’re 16 before we start driving? Mostly, I suppose, because it’s not legal to let your child drive your car before then. Fair reason.

Enter kartSTART.

The concept is simple: teach young kids, age 10+, to drive go karts on a closed track before they climb behind the wheel of your 4,000 pound hooptie.

kartSTART is absolutely top quality from beginning to end. It’s run by pro racing driver and auto journalist Russ Bond and his friendly, well-trained staff. The program involves a half day of lessons and kart driving, and even includes a catered lunch. Oh, it also includes fun. Lots and lots of fun.

All for just $79 (thanks in no small measure to Toyota‘s sponsorship, no doubt).

My daughter explains how to work the break and gas

Last year my daughter and I attended and she couldn’t wait to go back. If she has her way, we’ll be going twice this year.

I really, really want you to get out there with your kids. So, to grease the skids, I’ve rustled up a special coupon code to shave $20.00 off the $79.00 regular price (before tax).

Sign up and use the code KSidontblog.

I hope to see some of you there!



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