Put Jaq Jaq Bird on Your Must-Have List

Put Jaq Jaq Bird on Your Must-Have List

I’ve got a soft spot for mom-made products, and I support small businesses whenever I can, and I really love it when there’s something spectacular to talk about. Jaq Jaq Bird is exactly that: spectacular. Their line of products is beautiful, functional, and, wait for it. . . mess-free. (Can I get an “amen” here, people?)

At a time when kids are increasingly entertained by electronics, it’s pretty wonderful to see them engaging their imaginations and embracing art. Jaq Jaq Bird helps them do that with this genius line of products. Chalk art with none of the mess of regular chalk!

I can honestly imagine nothing better than portable, mess-free entertainment for kids. When my kids were little, we’d have packed the Doodle & Go Chalk Book for every restaurant visit, and now that they’re older, it’s still perfect for road trips, plane rides, and home.

I love that the ButterStix are dust-free, and the kids loved the texture as they drew on the table runner. It’s all washable with a damp cloth, so it’s simple and reusable — so, basically, perfect!

Just look how vibrant those colours are! Such a clever product.

You can find Jaq Jaq Bird products in a number of stores, and online, too. They make amazing gifts (Easter’s coming up. . . let the Bunny know you’d appreciate some sugar- and mess-free stuff for the kids this year!), and are perfect for all ages. I know I’ll have fun creating beautiful accents to my table with that runner.

And it looks like our Easter table will be lovely this year, thanks to the kids, too:

Check Jaq Jaq Bird out on Facebook and Instagram to see some of the other gorgeous creations, and be sure to enter to win this amazing prize!

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Jaq Jaq Bird Doodle It Book

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