I’ve Found the*~GIVEAWAY CLOSED *~ Holy Grail: How to Whiten Sensitive Teeth at Home

I’ve Found the*~GIVEAWAY CLOSED *~ Holy Grail: How to Whiten Sensitive Teeth at Home

If you know me, you know I love coffee. Black, strong coffee… And tea… And wine. I basically love all the things that stain teeth, which means I’m always on the lookout for products I can use at home to help counter those effects. Problem is, most at-home solutions don’t do much, and they’ve always left my sensitive teeth wishing I’d left them stained.

Enter Smile Brilliant.

I used to be able to eat ice cream without pain (and actually used to chomp through ice cubes), but my teeth are now way too sensitive for that, so I’m really hesitant about whitening systems. Some drugstore brands have left my teeth so sore, I could barely drink my beloved coffee, so… not worth it. I was sent a Smile Brilliant kit to try out, and I have to tell you, this is a really effective way to whiten sensitive teeth; I’m impressed!

Now, I don’t have perfectly straight teeth, so one of the major benefits of Smile Brilliant is that they have custom-fitted whitening trays, meaning the molds used to make the whitening trays are perfect for your own mouth. The benefit of these custom whitening trays is that they miss absolutely nothing!

Keeping gel on the tooth surface is obviously the most important part of whitening, and with the Smile Brilliant custom trays, this is simple. My adorable snaggle tooth got all attention it needed. 😉

The creation of the custom trays was simple – you follow each step in the kit, pop the impressions back into the provided shipping envelope, and send them back to Smile Brilliant. Five days after they receive your impressions, your custom trays are on the way back, and you’ll be ready to start whitening in no time. And don’t worry, not only are they way cheaper than going through your dentist, they also come with a 30 day satisfaction guarantee, and a 2 year tray replacement warranty.

There are a few things you’ll want to know before whitening your teeth, and depending on how stained yours are, you may need to order more whitening gel, too. The gel can cause some gum sensitivity, but despite having super sensitive teeth and gums, I didn’t experience that at all.

I really love the Smile Brilliant website, too, because it’s full of educational info about why teeth are sensitive, and how to combat that. As a consummate tooth-grinder, I’m doomed to having to deal with sensitivity, but I’m thrilled that it no longer means I can’t have sparkly pearly whites! And what’s more, I get to have professional teeth whitening at home, at a fraction of the cost my dentist charges. Want a bonus feature? Smile Brilliant gel is vegan and cruelty free!

Now I know you’re wondering if the Smile Brilliant system actually works, so let me wow you with my before-and-after shots:

It’s more difficult than you may realize to get a close-up of your own teeth, and while these pictures were both taken in natural light, the light varies a little. But the results are there, and I’m thrilled with them – and I haven’t even used all the whitening gel in the starter kit yet!

Don’t want to take my word for it? Read more reviews of Smile Brilliant before you commit, but be sure to thank me once you have!
If you’re convinced and want to give the system a try (you know you do!), enter below to win a Smile Brilliant Whitening Kit (approx. value $200CDN).

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