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*~CLOSED~* It’s WINGSANITY at St. Louis Bar and Grill


Alright, let’s get this out of the way first: I’ve been pronouncing this place’s name wrong. It’s St. Loo-iss, not St. Loo-ee’s. Oops, my bad. Hopefully the fact that I legit love their wings makes up for the mistake I’ve been making all these years.

Now that I think about it, St. Louis Bar and Grill has been a pretty important part of my life for ages. When I first moved to Toronto, it was a place of comfort (and wings and beer) where I sat as I lamented needing to find an apartment. Many years later, it was the place where Ryan and I sat eating wings and drinking beer shortly after our wedding, and decided to try to have a baby. I mean, not try right then and there, that would be weird. But you know, at home. At some point.

Anyhow, I’m off track here.

It’s WINGSANITY time at all 49 (holy cow!) St. Louis Bar and Grill locations, which means for the 3rd year in a row, you can eat ALL YOU CAN EAT WINGS (in 25 different sauces!) for just $19.99. Stop by your local St. Louis until June 5, 2016 and stuff yourself with wings AND get a $10 gift card for your next visit. AND enter to win free wings for a year. Tell me that’s not a crazy deal. You can’t. Because it is wingsane.

You can even join them on May 29 at Yonge Dundas Square to take part in their Wingsanity Festival.

I’m giving away two coupons for One Pound of Wings & Fries to one lucky winner, so be sure to enter!
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11 Responses to “*~CLOSED~* It’s WINGSANITY at St. Louis Bar and Grill”

  1. Kelly D

    I could eat 2lbs if I never had to worry about my calories LOL

  2. Scott MacMillan

    A few pounds.40-50 large ones.

  3. Cindy

    Due to protein restrictions I can only eat about 5 wings, but my husband makes up for it! I’m pretty sure he could eat 40!

  4. Ira

    That will depend on how hungry I am 🙂 But 10 – easily.

  5. Lindsay T

    I can probably eat 2lbs of wings! Hubby & I normally split 3lbs though.

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