Is your family ready for a puppy?

I’ve never been a dog person. In fact, I was not only not a dog person, I was a cat person. When my husband and I got together, I had two lovely cats to which he was very allergic, but you know, they were family and all that so we kept them until death did they part (15 years later, ha).

Then we somehow ended up with a couple guinea pigs I adopted from a rescue, which my daughter swore she’d care for (she does not).

And then somehow last June we came home with this adorable little bundle of fur which my daughter said she’d walk and train and care for (she does not). (EDIT: “Somehow” as in, we brought her home after very careful research to find a breed my allergic husband and son could tolerate, we found a fantastic reputable breeder because we were unable to find a suitable rescue at the time, and we had many, many, many discussions about bringing our new family member home.)

petunia newBut ohhh, isn’t she adorable? Of course she is. All baby animals are adorable, and if you disagree, you’re probably a serial killer.

I had exactly no idea just how time consuming it would be to have a puppy. She chewed anything that came into the general vicinity of her mouth. She peed and pooped pretty much anywhere and everywhere. She needed more attention than my kids did as newborns, I’m absolutely sure of it.

It has now been nine months, and our sweet little one-year-old puppy is a part of our family. She is my shadow, and I love her fuzzy little self to bits, but let there be no doubt: puppies are a crapload of work. Literally.

Despite knowing she’s supposed to go outside (she even rings a little bell to let us know, isn’t that too adorable?), she still often has accidents on the floor, so I pretty much worship the Nature’s Miracle gods. And there are certainly no more spontaneous trips, because who would look after her? Ahh, life is so perfect with a puppy!

Most Interesting Dog in the World  (1)So if you’re considering adding a sweet little ball of fur to your family, I have three simple questions to make the decision simple for you:

1. Do you value your sleep?
If yes, then no puppy for you.

2. Do you like having pee and poo on your floors?
If no, then no puppy for you.

3. Are you interested in having even more work to do?
If no, then no puppy for you.

But the bonus question is what gets people, every time:

Do you want a wonderful, loving, amazingly cute addition to your family that will offer you unconditional love and be your best friend forever?
If yes, then get yourself a puppy and snuggle that puppy forever.

You’re welcome!

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10 thoughts on “Is your family ready for a puppy?

  1. All reasons why as much as I love dogs, I will always be a cat person.
    I volunteered at an animal shelter and the number of times people came in to get a puppy with no idea of the work that was involved is ridiculous. Of course a week later they would call back because its “a bad dog” or months later “can I trade it in for a younger model” ARGH

    1. I can’t ever have cats again (allergies), but as much as I adored all my cats, I am just absolutely amazed by the love I have for our dog. It is a totally different kind of relationship.

      In general, I think people have no idea the work involved in having most pets. It’s a shame, because the reward is so wonderful.

  2. And this is why though my kids and I would LOVE a puppy (DH needs a ‘lil more convincing, lol) now is NOT the right time for our family!

    1. Despite us getting our puppy when my kids were 3 and 6, I’d REALLY suggest waiting till kids are a little older. It’s a lot of work training a puppy, and it’s much easier with everyone on board to help out. 🙂

  3. I was EXHAUSTED when we rescued our dog (he died in the meantime) and then decided we needed babies too. OMG. When he died, our 10yo dog, the younger kid was about 2ish…she is an absolute animal fanatic and it’s because of her we have Charlie Chaplin the guinea pig. He is spoiled, has an indoor and outdoor cage, and if DH ever leaves on another business trip leaving us to deal with all the hockey all by ourselves, there will be a female guinea pig who will most likely birth tiny guinea pig babies 5 minutes later…and not because I’m able to put a stop to this. My 6yo daughter has ways in which she smuggles animals into the house. 🙂

    I want a puppy but not now. I can’t…so our compromise is to dog sit one day a week another person’s dog and we take her on occasional weekends or when the go on vacation and it’s the best thing ever. The kids have a dog, I have no responsibility other than have fun with her the day she’s with us, and it costs me nothing. Not even sleep!


  4. This is actually a really great public service announcement.

    You did your due diligence and you are living with your choice!

    “All baby animals are adorable, and if you disagree, you’re probably a serial killer.” No judgement there!! Hah!

    Great post. I loved the string of “meme” photos that followed the one featured here. Tears streaming. Seriously.

    1. I had to stop myself from making more, I was laughing so much at them. Silly dog.

  5. We are on our second dog, plus our middle child also has a dog that lives with us when she returns home from university. After having three children who are now 24, 21, and 19, I have come to the conclusion that kids are easier then dogs.

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