Invisible Dogs & Santa Claus


I was lucky enough to win a VIP ticket for my family to attend the Toronto Santa Claus Parade! I can’t thank Wee Welcome enough for that, it is honestly one of the best things I’ve ever won. And I won an iPad 2 a few months back, so that’s saying a lot.
The parade was a family tradition when I was a kid, but not something I would likely do with my own family. Why? Well, for one thing, the ridiculous crowds turn me right off events like this. When my husband’s office faced Queen Street (and when the parade route went past there), we used to watch from the warm office, taking everything in without having to deal with the people in the audience. But this year, my husband’s office faces Yonge Street instead, and we’ve got a newly-minted-five-year-old and a not-yet-two-year-old in tow. Fighting crowds to find a good seat and wait for a couple hours for the parade to start isn’t my idea of family fun. The VIP seating sealed the deal, and my kids (and husband and I) had the most magical time.
If you follow me on Twitter, you may have heard that my daughter has asked for very little for Christmas. She has very few interests: Calico Critters, arts & crafts, horses and dogs. Now, the first two I can handle but the second two are trickier. First of all, no stable will let her ride a horse till she’s six years old (another year away), and my husband is deathly allergic to dogs (yes, even your “hypoallergenic” dog), so we can’t help her there, either.
But trust the magic of Santa to provide a solution! One of the clowns walked by with an invisible dog. That’s right: an. invisible. dog.

Do you have any idea how excited my daughter was to see this thing? The clown walking this “dog” said to my daughter, “Oh this? This is my invisible dog! They used to be very popular but you don’t see them anymore.” HA! My daughter loved the joke as much as the dog itself.

And ever since, she’s been talking about how this is the perfect dog for her, how Daddy won’t sneeze and wheeze, and how she would promise to care for it and love it to bits.

So, wise Internet, where do I find one of these things in time for Christmas? 

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  1. >The only time I've ever seen them was at the Magic Shop on Main Street, Disney World. I know that's not much help. Of course, it was also ahem… 25 years ago…

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