In The Sandbox: A Story of Friendship Lost

In The Sandbox: A Story of Friendship Lost


Remember when we could sit down next to a stranger and find something in common? We’d chat and play, and friendship would form smoothly. We didn’t have to be the same, we just had to be in the moment.

But now.

Now there is so much baggage. We assume the worst, and second-guess. Feelings are hurt. There are egos and lies.

We learn a lot about people as the calendar pages flip. Trajectories change, and we dance around our motives.

All that history means nothing to you. Maybe it means nothing to me. The details don’t even matter anymore.

More than once I’ve heard my own secrets pour from the lips of those I did not share them with. I’ve become gossip.

More than once I’ve needed support only to find that the fair weather had passed and no friend was to be found.

Friendship is difficult despite there being so few reasons for this to be. Why can’t we just find that common thread and turn it into a cozy shawl of friendship? It doesn’t have to be so hard. We can just be.

Life was easier in the sandbox.

This is why we build the walls. This is why we show no empathy. It’s a competition with no winners in the end.

Write the story however you want.

Pull it back and put your spin on it before you release it. You and I know the truth. You and I know what broke, and who broke it.

You can unfollow and unfriend but you cannot unlie.

Our sandbox days are over.

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4 thoughts on “In The Sandbox: A Story of Friendship Lost

  1. Yowch!

    I can feel the hurt feeling all the way over here. 🙁

    I am sorry for whatever transpired that inspired this post, not because I have anything to do with it, but because I do have empathy and I will never lose it.


    1. This isn’t a fresh story, but I felt like it should be shared all the same. 🙂 Thank you <3

  2. First, although online, I hope you know if you ever need a friend, I will jump in the car and be IRL for you 🙂

    Second, I’ve unfriended, but never lied. I believe that not all relationships are meant to last forever. Some are meant to have both a beginning and an ending, and I’m okay with that. I’ve stopped being friends with many people – some because we grew apart, others because they changed (or I changed) and we just weren’t compatible anymore. No hard feelings. Not on my part, at least. I didn’t feel the friendships were deep enough to warrant a “break-up” talk, I just moved on. Is that bad?

    1. I thought I had replied, but I don’t see my comment here… strange.

      That’s not at all bad, Nat! It’s natural for some relationships to end — we all grow, move, and change. That’s ok. Most friendships aren’t really so deep that they need a discussion before ending, I don’t think. I once got raked through the coals for drawing a distinct line between “friend” and “acquaintance”, so maybe I’m not the most sensitive but I think there’s a big difference.

      This post isn’t about one experience. It’s just about it all in general. 🙂

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