>I’m so vain, I think that passive-aggressive tweet is about me.

>It’s true. I’m narcissistic enough to think that sometimes, those obviously passive-aggressive rants people send out are about me. And do you know why? It’s because I’ve got rather strong opinions and am known for “not taking shit from nobody“. That’s a quote right there. From someone I ran into at Blissdom Canada recently. I kid you not.

The thing is, I do “take shit”. A lot of it. I deal with customers who think they can abuse my company because we’re, well, a company. (And don’t you know all companies are out to make money and are therefore evil?) I deal with family issues that I can’t even get into here because god knows they’re already so ridiculous, I wouldn’t want to incite even more ridiculousness. I deal with friends who aren’t actually friends, people who are rude to me, who step on me, insult me… I take as much shit as the next person.

It’s what I do with it that’s different.

My husband emailed me today telling me he thought my latest business blog post was beautiful. And feisty. (Which has become the word of choice around here, since being called “feisty” at least half a dozen times in the last week.) The funny thing is, I didn’t even consider it at all feisty, which prompted him to say that clearly I’ve lost all ability to identify what will (or will not) inflame people. This disappoints me. I’ve worked pretty hard to become a more compassionate, tolerant, kind human being, and the idea that my opinions can actually make people this angry sort of disappoints me. Why should someone care so much about my opinion? Who am I to them? And exactly how large a doormat am I supposed to become before people stop finding my opinions offensive?

So I posted about my feelings about that conference, and saw tweets whiz by about people ungrateful for the opportunities it had given others. I saw tweets from people saying, “It’s a shame some people weren’t inspired by Blissdom. Their loss.” And I can’t help but think, “Ouch.” Is that about me? Because while it really makes no difference whether it’s about me or not, it’s a pretty ugly thing to send out into the twitterverse, isn’t it? Not everyone took home the same messages from Blissdom, and not everyone went for the same reasons. And that’s ok. I don’t pity people who think differently from me (most of the time…), I seek to have conversations and hear their points of view. I openly ask for information, question things, state opinions.

So if that means I get a little heat, so be it. And if that means that some of those passive-aggressive rants are actually about me, that’s ok too.

Tweet you later.

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2 thoughts on “>I’m so vain, I think that passive-aggressive tweet is about me.

  1. >Oh, I hear you on the passive-aggressive tweets and the 'OMG, is that really about me?' feelings. Like I said in my last tweet to you. I really wish we had spent more time together at the conference, I think we probably think a lot alike and I would have loved to get your opinion (mentoring?) on the future of my business! And I too yearn for the day that I can say proudly and with no doubt, "I am a Writer!"

    And BTW–I think feisty IS a compliment! I much prefer to read an honest post rather than a spewing "love, love, love, link to sponsors everywhere" post!

    You rock!

  2. >Haha, Natasha it's SO good to know I'm not the only nutter out there thinking this stuff. 😉

    I'd be happy to chat any old time about biz stuff! You have my email address, drop me a line.

    I hope we have the chance to chat more another time. 🙂

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