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I will remember you

Here they are: my daughter and son, and my husband in the middle. On a branch (that’s me), holding them up. And there, that’s our little fallen leaf, Marshmallow. I wanted it to be happy, full of hope and beauty. Just like my life has been, despite some losses, despite some challenges, despite some sadness. Happy, bright, content.

It hurt, yes. Yes, it really hurt in some spots. Just like life.

But, as in life, the beauty will last longer and shine brighter than any of that.

Etched into my skin, I will remember you, little Marshmallow.

Inked permanently, I’m committed to holding Mason, Story and Ryan up through all weather, all times, to the end.

I couldn’t be happier with my new tattoo.

Watercolour birds tattoo by Karen AwesomIf you’re ever in the market for a tattoo, I highly recommend Karen Awesom of Eighth Empire in Ā Burlington, ON. She’s an incredible artist.

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  1. Crystal McLeod

    I just got a tattoo on Sunday for my kiddos and debated whether or not to add an element to it for the baby we lost before my oldest. We found out at 13 weeks that we lost our baby and it was devastating. While I have two beautiful kids, I always wonder what life would be like had that child lived. I didn’t end up adding anything to the tattoo, but I still might someday. I think your tattoo is beautiful xo

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