How to Make Bicycle Streamers

Last summer, I saw Alex’s post on her blog, Northstory, about making her own bike streamers and pinned it immediately. What a totally awesome idea! And what better time to do this project than when we’re in an eternal winter and the kids can’t even ride their bikes, right? Well, I’ve got high hopes that spring’s gonna happen, so I want to be prepared.

make your own bike streamers

What You’ll Need

wooden golf tees (found at a dollar store)
metal eye screws (found at Home Depot)
various colours of grosgrain ribbon (found in my craft cupboard… or you can find it at dollar stores)
a dremel drill (or stronger hands than my own)
nail polish (I wanted the part of the golf tee that would show on the bike handle to be silver, and the eye screw as well so nail polish was the perfect solution)

bike streamers step one

I used a small dremel bit to drill a hole into the tees, where the eye screws would then be screwed in.

bike streamers step two

Next, I painted the “head” of the tee with the nail polish, and once dry, screwed in the eye screws. Then, I painted the eye screws.

bike streamers step three

bike streamers step four

Using five 12″ lengths of grosgrain, I tied them in a knot around the eye screw, and heat-sealed the ends to prevent any fraying.

bike streamers step five

The tees I used were REALLY long, and thick, so I actually had to drill the holes in my son’s bike handlebars a bit bigger so the streamers would fit in, but it wasn’t difficult.

Super cute, right?

bike streamers close

Thanks for the idea, Alex! I’m really excited to make all kinds of fun ones for my kids’ friends. They’d be adorable Easter gifts, I think. So springy and fun.

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7 thoughts on “How to Make Bicycle Streamers

  1. This is such a fun idea! So simple. Easy to modify or customize for our little “individuals”. Oh, I love it!

    I had a good laugh when I first started reading this post because I thought, “Uh oh.. someone is talking about herself…”. You see I was mistaking Alex for Alex! 😀

    Now I have a new blog to read, too! So thanks for sharing and linking. Come ON Spring!!

  2. You are so crafty! For me, when it comes to making crafts I am completely inadequate. But my strong point is in the kitchen. I make up there for what I lack in the crafts department :). I just let my son’s preschool to take care of the crafting part of his brain because that part was not sufficiently trained for me during my childhood. Alina (

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