How is a Kleenex Like a Hug?

Sometimes, the simple act of reaching out to someone can make all the difference in his or her day. That’s what I discovered when I took to the street and schoolyard armed with Kleenex care packs. Sharing a Kleenex is far more than just sharing a tissue – it’s telling someone you care, it says, “Hey, save your sleeve from those boogers!”,  and it’s like a hug. Only . . . for their nose. Still following me?

Schoolyards are a great place to share the care – all those adorable little noses on snot production hyperdrive this time of year. So, armed with my cute little Kleenex packages, off I went. At the first sight of a runny nose or a rogue sneeze, I was ready and it really was a fun adventure. I felt a little like a superhero. A Snot Saving Superhero.

Whenever I hear a person sneeze, I always respond with, “Bless you!” and the majority of people are surprised, so you can imagine how shocked they are to be handed a package of Kleenex.

For me? For free? For real?

For real.

As silly as it sounds, the gift of Kleenex is pretty much universally loved, isn’t it? This week at my house I’m sure we set some kind of tissue usage record, and I can tell you that the boxes of Kleenex I was sent were so appreciated. You know what it’s like to hear that, “Ah-ah-ahhhhh—“ and realize there’s no tissue in your child’s hands, right? Or that feeling of imminent sneezing, realizing that you, too, are tissue-free? There is comfort in Kleenex.

Tucking an extra package of Kleenex into a pocket or purse is easy – in fact, I’m sending them along with my kids for their classmates, too. Because we all know how the germs spread in classrooms this time of year. A little caring goes a long way to preventing more sick days.

Sharing Kleenex was like sharing a smile, and the smiles I got in return made all the awkwardness of approaching people worthwhile.

Who will you share Kleenex with? Join the Share the Care campaign using the #KleenexCare hashtag and see for yourself how one small act of kindness can help brighten the world!

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