*~ CLOSED ~* Here’s Why Your Kid Needs Snap Circuits Arcade (plus a Mastermind Toys Giveaway!)

I’ve got yet another fun giveaway for you that’ll make holiday shopping easier this year, and it’s from my awesome friends at Mastermind Toys! I doubt there’s a store I enjoy more than Mastermind Toys — they carry everything from educational sets to Beanie Boos, and books to LEGO. There’s something for every kid in there… and often stuff for me, too.

If you’re looking for something that’ll really wow the clever kids on your gift list, I highly recommend Snap Circuits. There are lots of different sets to choose from, each featuring fun projects that help teach kids about how circuits work. What’s better than fun play that incorporates this kind of learning?

This isn’t the first time I’ve raved about a Snap Circuits set. My kids have two others, and they’re used regularly around here. The newest set, Snap Circuits Arcade is a new favourite, since Mastermind Toys sent it for my kids to try out. What’s cool about Snap Circuits is that they teach kids basic understanding about how electricity works, via circuits that literally snap onto a grid. I’m not gonna lie — I’ve learned a lot from building these things with my kids, too.

The Snap Circuits Arcade at Mastermind Toys is a fantastic gift to get kids excited about STEM projects!The Arcade features more than 200 projects, each with easy to follow instructions and exciting results. There’s so much joy in watching the kids build the circuit board, then flip a switch and see their work come to life. And this time, instead of just lights and whirling fans, Snap Circuits Arcade even lets the kids play games they build on their own.

I featured this set in my Holiday Gift Guide this year, because I think the fact that these toys combine STEM learning with real fun is pretty cool. I know that in my house, iPads and computers often take up the majority of my kids’ time, so when they latch onto something educational, it’s thrilling for me. There are a ton of toys your kids will love, but this is one you’ll appreciate, too.

For $79.99 at Mastermind Toys, you can buy the Snap Circuits Arcade set and kids will enjoy it for years. My kids are six- and nine-years-old, and they both really enjoy figuring out each project. It helps them work together, and we all know that between siblings, a little more cooperation is always appreciated. And they get such a sense of accomplishment in seeing the end results!

Now for some more fun — a giveaway! I’d like to make your holiday shopping a little easier by giving one lucky winner a $100 gift card for use at Mastermind Toys. Wanna win? Enter below!

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Find out more about the Snap Circuits Arcade kit, and enter to win a $100 gift card for use at Mastermind Toys from IDontBlog.ca!


Disclosure: My children were sent a Snap Circuits Arcade set for review, and the winner of this contest will be sent a $100 gift card from Mastermind Toys. Thanks, Mastermind Toys!

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  1. I think I would buy the Snap Circuits Arcade! Looks like something my kids would be interested in, and learn from!

  2. I am all done my Christmas shopping so I would hand this one over to the toy tree and buy some books. Master Mind has the best book section.

  3. My kids have asked for the rainbow maker and the fireworks lights from Uncle Milton so I’d pick those up with the GC.

  4. I would buy my daughter the shopkins vending machine , shopping cart and my son the lego police chaser

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