*~CLOSED~* Have good nights with GoodNites (Giveaway!)

*~CLOSED~* Have good nights with GoodNites (Giveaway!)

Just when you’re celebrating the end of training pants in your home, you’re entering a new phase — the What Should My Kid Wear to Bed at Night “Just in Case”? Phase. Ohhhh so fun. Big kids don’t want to wear anything even remotely close to a diaper, but we all know that accidents happen. Kids grow so fast, and bladders don’t always keep up, so nighttime accidents happen.

Thankfully, GoodNites has your kids (and your mattresses) covered. With GoodNites Disposable Pants and GoodNites TRU-FIT Underwear, kids can feel confident about being leak-free overnight. The underwear even looks like regular undies, so they’re perfect for older kids who are still wetting at night.

I know it’s frustrating to be changing sheets and doing copious amounts of laundry, so I know how handy GoodNites Bed Mats are, too. They lock in wetness and odour, keeping sheets dry and protecting mattresses. And they stay in place, without bunching up, thanks to easy-to-remove peel strips.

Here are a few facts about nighttime wetting from the folks at GoodNites:

• Up to 15% of five-year-olds and 8% of eight-year-olds still wet the bed
• It happens more often in boys than girls
• If parents wet the bed as kids, their kids are 77% more likely to do the same
• Accidents can happen even into puberty

Our mattress are always covered with GoodNites Bed Mats, just in case. And yours can be, too, thanks to this giveaway!

Win 1 package of GoodNites Bed Mats,  1 package of GoodNites Tru-Fit Underwear, and 1 package of Bedtime Pants. Approximate retail value: $70.

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You can also get a $2 off coupon from GoodNites HERE.

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