Handmade Holidays: 2013 Ladies’ Gift Guide

This year, my goal is to buy and make as many handmade gifts as possible. I’m a fairly crafty person, so I’ve got a lot of projects slated for the coming weeks (baked goods, monogrammed napkins, sea glass jewellery, sweater mittens, to name a few), but I’ll also be supporting some other really great artists by buying the things they make.

My list is heavy on the female gift ideas, because as it turns out, I’ve got a lot of ladies and girls to buy for this year.

Each of these companies are ones I personally support (this is in NO way a sponsored post), and I hope you check them all out.


Chic Tags / Uniquely Chic

I’m absolutely in love with the products sold by Jolene Mazgay, owner of both Chic Tags and its sister company, Uniquely Chic. Hand stamped pieces are the perfect personalized gift for anyone.

We bought a gorgeous necklace for our babysitter, my daughter has a beautiful necklace with her name stamped on it and a horse charm (she rides), I have the most awesome keychain stamped with my Twitter handle, and my son has an allergy tag alerting the world of his nut allergy. I also purchased one of the tagged infinity scarves for my family to give me for Christmas (and one for my Mom), and a pair of darling boot toppers.

Seriously, if you’re on my list this year, you’re probably getting something from here. Here are a few of the gorgeous pieces:

photo credit: Jo Mazgay / Chic Tags
photo credit: Jo Mazgay / Chic Tags
photo credit: Jo Mazgay / Chic Tags

They’re affordable, beautiful, and meaningful. And they’re handmade by a friend of mine!

My Stow n Tow

I was so thankful to finally meet the owners of this great company at the Handmade Marketplace at Blissdom Canada this year. It remains one of the highlights of the weekend for me! The care and thought that has been put into product development of these items is clear when you see them in person; I’m so impressed. I bought two of their totes for my kids to use as lunch bags, and will be buying more as swimming wet bags, too. My husband has also requested a lunch bag, and obviously I need one for toting makeup. They’re lined so they don’t leak, they’re easy to open and close, and the patterns are cool, too.

photo credit: My Stow n Tow
photo credit: My Stow n Tow

I love their TagIt line, and my daughter absolutely loves her iTote. They also make gorgeous gift bags! See? Something for everyone. Love, love, love them.Luma

Not only does Annie make absolutely stunning pieces of wearable art, she actually blows the glass herself, turning each piece of brightly coloured glass into one-of-kind beads and baubles. Amazing, right?

I met Annie at the Handmade Marketplace at Blissdom, too, and bought a pair of earrings to give my daughter for Christmas. I absolutely love that this artist creates absolutely every part of her pieces. She even hand-dyes the silk in her beautiful bracelets.

photo credit: Studio Luma
photo credit: Studio Luma
photo credit: Studio Luma
photo credit: Studio Luma

Wylde Rose Artisan Soaps

I met the owner of Wylde Rose at Blissdom, too, and I am so thankful! I’m a sucker for handmade soaps, but I was totally blown away by the quality and value of her line. I bought 8 bars of her amazing soaps, two packages of laundry soap, some lotion… and I can’t wait to buy more. I highly recommend the Vanilla Aloe lotion, Lemongrass & Sage laundry soap, and if you’re “scent”sitive, fear not! They carry unscented formulas in all their incredible products. To top it off, their prices are crazy affordable.

Chasing Fire

Never have I wished I could sew or knit more than when I drool over the gorgeous ceramic buttons in this shop. If you’re a creator of wonderful things to wear, you’ll want to take note of this shop. And if there is someone on your gift list who is one, check out Chasing Fire. Just look at this beauty:

photo credit: Chasing Fire on Etsy

Isn’t that absolutely lovely? I am thinking of upcycling an old sweater into mittens for myself, and I think these would be the perfect addition to them. I did buy a whole whack of the smaller buttons, and hope to turn them into jewellery for myself.

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8 thoughts on “Handmade Holidays: 2013 Ladies’ Gift Guide

  1. All I really wanted for Chrismukkah this year was time with you. But after seeing this list, I’d rather you buy me a bunch of your picks.
    Love your list, and you.

  2. GREAT things Alex! I love the Chic tags. Would make a great necklace for Avery… with her phone number on the back in case she gets lost…

  3. I just picked up my 1st Christmas order from Chic Tags – it makes me want Christmas to come sooner. LOVE them. thanks for the ideas

  4. We are lost with words over here. *blushing* Meeting you was also a highlight for us at Blissdom. Thank you so much for all the love!!

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