Hair Cheats and Hacks (sponsored)

All summer long, me and my not-naturally-blonde locks enjoyed swims in our pool. Between the sun and the bromine, my hair took a hit. And now that the cooler, drier winter months are coming, I know my hair will be suffering.

As someone with naturally wavy, dry hair (except for my bangs), I try to let it air-dry and use only the most moisturizing products on it. But in winter, I have to resort to my hair dryer more often.

I try to wash my hair as infrequently as possible, but since I’m at the gym almost daily, that’s not always realistic. Wanna know my hair cheats? Here you go:

VERY handy hair hacks1. Batiste™ Dry Shampoo 
I regularly use this on my bangs, because they tend to absorb facial oils more readily. It’s *perfect* for making them look great. You just spray on, leave it for about a minute, then brush through or rub with fingers. It makes it easy to go much longer without needing to wash and dry!

2. Up-dos
Hair looking a little wild? That’s ok, nobody can tell with these pretty up-dos.

3. Finding new hair hacks
I love a quick tip for having cute hair. I really do. Since I resort to pontails often, I love stuff like THIS.

*This post was sponsored by Church & Dwight, but as always, the opinions expressed are my own.

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