Got Lice? Do this.

Got Lice? Do this.

If your kids don’t have lice, now’s the time to order yourself a metal nit comb from somewhere like, because believe me when I say it’s not something you wanna wait for. If they do have lice, fear not, I’ve got a chemical-free, foolproof method for ridding your home and heads of them.

Follow these easy steps to get rid of lice without using harsh chemicals (that don’t kill nits, and lice are often resilient to anyhow):

Also note that no, lice do not jump. And they don’t survive without a human host to feed on (how nasty is that?) for more than a few hours. So you don’t have to throw out your kids’ stuffies. Just bag them up for a couple days and throw pillows, bedding, and hats into the dryer on high heat.

I wish I’d known this when my kids first caught lice, because we went through so many ineffective options and I almost hired an expensive service to come do it for us before finally trying this. And it works!

As an additional tip, put a couple drops (no more!) of tea tree oil in your shampoo to ward off future infestations. (Way cheaper than buying the tea tree shampoos).

Got questions? Let me know.

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