Free tickets to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair!


When I was little, my elementary school took annual trips to The Royal. Boy, I sure looked forward to those day trips. Partially because I got to ride on a big, exciting yellow school bus, but also because I just really loved the animals there. I was just telling my husband the other night that one year, my classmates witnessed the birth of a calf (while I was checking out some smelly chickens and goofing off… so I missed it ,of course). Isn’t that so cool?

My Dad lived on a farm for awhile when he was little so growing up, he taught me about different breeds of cattle, farm life, etc. And it wasn’t difficult to see these things in action because where I lived, farm land was just a five minute drive away. Nowadays, farms are few and far between in these parts of Ontario, and though I try to teach our kids about farm life, it’s not easy to show them first-hand.

This year, we’re taking them to The Royal thanks to the generosity of my friends at Toyota Canada. My daughter is really (and I mean really really really) into horses, and is beyond excited to go. And since I’m a sucker for all things animal-related, I’ll admit I’m giddy about it, too.

And you know what? I have two family passes to give away here, too! (valid for any combination of 4 people: adults & children; 1 child minimum) The only catch is that the fair is over this coming Sunday, November 13th so you don’t have a ton of time left to go.

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment here about why you’d like to go, or enter on Twitter telling me why you’d like to go (just mention @clippo). Don’t forget to leave an email address where I can reach you!

Two winners will be drawn using at 8amEST 11/8/11, each winning ONE family pass to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair here in Toronto.

Tickets will be sent via Canada Post XpressPost™ on Tuesday, November 8, 2011.

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16 thoughts on “Free tickets to the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair!

  1. >My son is a huge fan of cows & pigs & chicks &…you get the idea. He saw a segment about the Royal on the news last night, and just about fell out of his chair with excitement when I mentioned that we could go. A pass would be amazing! Thanks for the chance!
    heather at timm dot ca

  2. >We've never been! Can you believe it? M would love to check this out (me too). He loves the Farm at the CNE, and this is so much better.

  3. >I still vividly remember seeing puppies being born at the Royal when I was about 8… the same age my daughter is. My family went regularly to see the horses (I rode equestrian for years ) and to see all the other livestock. I loved it!!

  4. >Every single year my husband says he wants to go and every single year life gets in the way and we don't end up going! It would be nice to finally go!

  5. >My 17 month old son would love to see the animals up close! And my 3.5 yo would think it is pretty amazing as well! DH had never heard of it before and I have been interested in going for a while now so a chance to go would be great!!

  6. >I grew up on a farm and about 6 years ago my parents – retired, sold the farm and moved closer to their 5 kids and grandkids. The Royal was always my parents one weekend per year that they got away from us 5 kids for a break. My parent immigrated from Ireland after getting married and their parents & siblings all lived overseas – they had to rely once a year on friends to help them out. I'd LOVE to give these tickets to my retired parents as a SURPRISE & a THANK YOU for all the times they have looked after the 9 grandkids allowing their kids to get a much needed break more often than once / yr. I know my dad would love to share his memories with 2 of the grandkids!

  7. >I have gone almost every year since I was in my late teens! My daughter loves it, she's 6 and my 10mth old would get a kick out of seeing the animals since right now all he likes to do is make animal sounds 😉

  8. >I would love to take my boys. They both love animals and no one in our family has ever been! 😉

  9. >My son just LOVES animals…especially farm animals. He has never been to the Royal Winter Fair so this would be an AWESOME adventure for him. Thanks for the opportunity.

  10. >Contest closed, thanks for participating everyone!

    All entries here and on Twitter were numbered, then two winners were chosen using Winners are:
    Lisa Clarke

  11. >Hey Alex, My husband just checked with the post office and we didn't get the tickets. You might want to talk to them about the guarantee and get your money back if you can!

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