Betcha Didn’t Consider Fredericton! A Family-Friendly Vacation Guide (sponsored)

Betcha Didn’t Consider Fredericton! A Family-Friendly Vacation Guide (sponsored)

(Disclaimer: IHG sponsored this post, but we really do love Fredericton, and as a bonus, we’re already big fans of Holiday Inn Express because they’re consistently well-priced and have free hot and cold breakfasts included in the price.)

After returning from our epic summer road trip from Ontario to Newfoundland, we now know a little somethin’ about vacationing on Canada’s east coast.

Since places like Halifax and Moncton get the most attention, unfortunately other gorgeous destinations like Fredericton are often overlooked. With tons of activities as well as plenty of family-friendly IHG hotels in Fredericton, it’s a perfect destination if you’re looking for somewhere different to visit. From kayaking on the Saint John River, to browsing through their gorgeous historic Garrison District, getting bored isn’t an option.

Fredericton is the capital of New Brunswick, sitting beautifully on the Saint John River. While officially settled by the French in the late 1700s, it is speculated to have been home to people tracing back as far as 12,000 years.

One year, we rolled into Fredericton late at night, assuming it was a sleepy little place where we’d be able to snag a hotel room. To our surprise, it was a bustling city, unexpectedly packed solid with guests there for a poker tournament. We hopped from hotel to hotel, desperate to find a place to sleep. Never again will we underestimate the draw of this beautiful place.

There are lots of family-friendly IHG hotels in Fredericton,

On another visit, we were lucky enough to catch the changing of the guard in the Garrison District. This area is where British troops were housed from 1784 until 1869. It was a pretty neat experience for the kids to see the guard in their uniforms marching to the pipes and drums!

The changing of the guard in the Garrison District of Fredericton is really something to see

The crowd gathered in Officer’s Square, watching the ceremony.

Officer's Square in Fredericton
The whole area is filled with unique shops, artists and a great museum. It’s easy to fill an entire day just wandering around here.

Fredericton is a great place for families
Fredericton has a beautiful downtown core, easily walkable from the Fredericton hotels nearby.

We can’t wait to stop in for a longer visit on our next trip!

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