Flavour-Infused Sugars (by Story)


With the best intentions, every year before Christmas I plan to make something fun for people, and then the time flies by and I’m left with only purchased gifts. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I really, truly love making things to share.) This year, I wanted to get on the ball a little earlier, so I started looking for some fun, easy-to-make gifts for teachers, caregivers, and hard-to-buy-for family members. I came across some ideas for flavour-infused sugars, and Story (my daughter… have I told you that before?) and I decided to make some today.
First, we took a trip to the dollar store where we found absolutely adorable glass jars for a total steal: two jars for $1.25! 

Then, a trip to the grocery store to figure out the scents we wanted to infuse our sugar with. We chose organic cane sugar as our base because it’s less refined, has a more dimensional flavour and is actually better for you.

We’ve listed our flavour options (along with some ideas for their use) below. And here were the super-quick steps we took to infuse our sugars.

Step One: gather cute jars, yummy sugar, cute kid

Step Two: choose flavours. We used pure extracts and spices. Almond, lemon and peppermint extracts, along with cardamom seeds, star anise and cloves.
Step Three: Layer sugar and flavour choice. We did approximately 3 layers of “flavour” in each jar. 

Step Four: If you’re using a spice as pretty as this one, leaving one on top is a pretty touch.

Step Five: Using liquid extracts is a little trickier. You need a blender or something similar.  Start by poking a tiny hole in the top of the extract bottle so you don’t add too much. Too much pure extract is very overpowering.

Step Six: Add sugar, then extract. We used about a cup of sugar but only 3 drops of extract.
Step Seven: Because we used a Magic Bullet, the cane sugar crystals were turned almost into a powder form, which happens to look VERY pretty when layered with plain cane sugar in the jar.
Step Eight: I happened to have some round labels here at home and used them to label the bottles. Add a pretty bow and poof! Pretty sugars!
Step Nine: I also happened to have a cute gift box here, so I nested the bottles and will  wrap it in clear plastic gift wrap for giving! NOTE: I read that it flavours are truly infused after 1 – 2 weeks, so start now for Christmas!

Here is the list we’ll print and give to each recipient, with ideas for using each flavour-infused sugar:

This all took us less than 45 minutes, and was very inexpensive to make because we’ll have enough to make at least five sets like these. They’re so delicious, I can’t wait for the giftees to get them! I’d love to try others. Vanilla bean and cinnamon flavours are up next on my list. Other ideas are citrus zest, rum, or any other extract/flavour you love! If you make some, let me know. Enjoy!

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9 thoughts on “Flavour-Infused Sugars (by Story)

  1. >I've made vanilla sugar and lemon sugar before… I always have it on hand, actually! I'm going to try some of these ideas, they're great.

  2. >I've made vanilla bean sugar – just score the bean and infuse it whole in sugar. It's great in baking.

  3. >Ohhh I love this idea and how cute are they when packaged all together, what dollar store did you go to, mine never sells anything for that cheap!

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