Five Cheap & Cheerful Winter Activities

I’m not entirely sure we’re going to get winter in my neck of the woods this year, but if it does come, I’m totally prepared to enjoy it. My husband convinced me to learn to ski last year, and I can’t wait to hit the slopes with my family again this winter. But you know what? Downhill skiing is a super fun way to enjoy the cold weather, but man, it’s hard on the pocketbook. Here are our top five cheap and cheerful winter activities that maximize fun and minimize spending:


The best part of tobogganing is that you’re getting a crazy workout, boosting adrenaline, and it’s great for all ages. Sleds are cheap, and hills are a-plenty. It doesn’t have to be a large hill to have fun — we’ve got one right outside our back gate and the kids love running up it and sledding down it. And hey, free fun is the best fun!


My family isn’t great at skating, but we sure love it. As a kid, I used to skate on the local bay, but now we rely on local rinks instead. And many of them have free family skate times, so be sure to look into that in your community! You can buy used skates, or even rent at some places.

Winter Hiking

There’s a nature trail near me where the chickadees are so friendly, you can hand feed them. No kidding, birds land on your hands like you’re Snow-freaking-White, and it’s pretty magical. But everything is magical in a snowy wonderland. Getting out for a hike in winter is a fun way to experience nature in a totally different way. You can see animal tracks in the snow, and appreciate how different forests look in winter. Also? Usually free! (My fave four letter word.)


Snow Fort

Every year, I put this on our winter bucket list, and never have we successfully built a snow fort. But mark my words, if we get enough snow this year, I’m gonna do this! And maybe a snow man, too.

Snow Cones

Grab some drink crystals (or even some fruit juice) and a bowl of fresh snow. This is one of my kids’ absolute favourite things to do in winter! They love eating their homemade treats.

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5 cheap and cheerful winter activities, and the perfect solution for the bumps and bruises that'll inevitably come after all that fun!

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