Family Movie Night – This week: Boss Baby!

Family Movie Night – This week: Boss Baby!

Every Friday night like clockwork, we have family movie night. It’s not a haphazard event; it’s a ritual. It must include “movie snacks”, which means BBQ chips for the girl, Pringles for the boy, and big glasses of water for all (we’re not much of a pop family). For the adults, homemade popcorn (recipe linked HERE). Movie night is so important to us, we built a movie theatre in our basement.

While in Newfoundland on vacation, we still didn’t stop our family tradition. Thanks to the internet and iTunes, we picked up the latest, and most hilarious family movie release: Boss Baby! We saw it in the theatres and we’ve been waiting for it to come out so we could see it again.

Alec Baldwin plays the Boss Baby, and is utterly hilarious. There’s lots of 30 Rock-style humour here, and there’s a massive nod to the famous Glengarry Glen Ross “pep talk” (link here:, NOT for kids). There’s no end of humour for parents. Toby McGuire provides the narration, while Lisa Kudrow and Jimmy Kimmel nail their performances as mom and dad, so it’s full of familiar voices.

Kids love the story. Told from the perspective of Tim, a reluctant big brother, it’s full of imagination and adventure. There are plenty of potty jokes sprinkled throughout to make sure the younger demographic will have big belly laughs, too. Let’s be honest, though, shall we? We all love potty jokes. Watch out for Wizzie, the alarm clock – frankly, I think he steals the show with his rendition of The Beatles’ Blackbird (

Boss Baby came out on Blu-ray on Tuesday July 25, 2017.

If your kids are like ours, you’ll end up digging through all the features and extras of the Blu-ray:

  • New Mini Adventure, a 3-minute action-packed journey through time featuring Boss Baby and Tim;
  • Featurettes;
  • Deleted Scenes; and
  • More!

So, hit the store, load up on snacks, and grab a copy of the Boss Baby Blu-ray and have a #BossNightIn with your family this week!


This post is brought to you by The Boss Baby Blu-ray DVD, but the images and opinions are my own.

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