Easy (and cheap!) Clay Ornament DIY

Easy (and cheap!) Clay Ornament DIY


The kids and I took a time out over the last couple nights to just sit and do some fun crafts together. We decided to make clay ornaments as gifts for some friends, and I wanted to share the process with all of you because a) they’re so easy, b) they’re so cute, and c) they’re cheeeeeeeeaaaap to make. What’s better than that? Even the most uncrafty (hey, it’s a word because I said so) of you can swing this one.

We bought natural clay bricks at the dollar store for $1.25. We used a rolling pin, cookies cutters we already owned, acrylic paints we already had (also from the dollar store), and a metal stamp font kit I already had (which retails for around $20 at Michael’s).

I’ve been wanting to try making a clay bowl, and thought the huge snowflake cutter I have would be nice. First, I rolled out the clay (ensuring it’s not too thin because hardened clay can crack easily), and cut the shape.


Then, I carefully pushed it into a small bowl to form its own bowl shape as it dried. We left all our creations to dry overnight.


The following night, I painted it with gold acrylic paint. It’s the perfect little ring dish, don’t you think?


Side view:


We used cookie cutters (and a wooden skewer to poke holes to hang the ornaments) to make tons more, too:


For fun, I had purchased a metal stamping font kit to stamp on leather bracelets, so we used those to make these:


Once dry (we left ours overnight), we painted some, and left some natural. (I really love the natural clay look, actually!)


And I made this little ring bowl for myself, because I’ve been seeing similar ones around, and am naturally too cheap to buy one. 😉


These gifts are so pretty, and cost pennies to make. (They’re also amazing if you’re scrambling for last-minute gifts!)

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