DIY Snowglobes

DIY Snowglobes

photo 5My incredibly talented friend Sarah posted about DIY snowglobes awhile ago, and I finally got organized enough to make them! I wanted to make them with my Brownie Unit, so I made a few beforehand to be sure I was getting things done properly. I learned some things. Ha.

What you need

photo 1 (2)• jar with a tightly-closing lid, label off
• glycerin (available at craft stores or pharmacies)
• distilled water (to ensure your snowglobe doesn’t go yucky over time)
• E6000 glue (this stuff is hardcore, available at craft stores) **GLUE GUNS DON’T WORK! The glue will stick temporarily, but over time will let go in the water. Use E6000 the first time and save yourself the trouble later.**
• figurines to decorate inside the snowglobe that will withstand being in water (I found beautiful ones at the dollar store)
• glitter
• optional: spray paint for your lid (I wanted mine to be white)

Now, depending on the size of your jar, you can either place your decoration(s) on the lid or in the bottom of the jar. In my photo above, I did one of each type. Using a fine layer of E6000, glue your decoration(s) to either the lid or inside bottom of your jar.

photo 2 (2)

Let the glue set for at least one hour (overnight is ideal, but not everyone is as organized as they ought to be, right?) before filling your jar with water.

photo 3 (2)You only need a little bit of glycerin (about 1/2tsp for the small jar I used, and about 1tbs for the really large ones). This keeps the glitter from falling too quickly, making it look like it’s really snowing.

Add your water to the glycerin, give it a swirl, then add the glitter. The amount is up to you, but don’t use too much or it’ll clump in the water.

photo 4 (1)

For extra measure, I actually used E6000 around the threads of the jar before putting lids on, too, to be sure they wouldn’t leak. Epoxy may work better for this, but so far the E6000 is holding firm with no leaking.

Here are a few of the ones my little Brownies made to give their parents as gifts. Aren’t they beautiful?

Merry Crafting!

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