Digital Healthcare is Better Healthcare

I’ve spent more time seeing my family doctor over the past 12 months than I have in the entire five years we’ve been his patients. Countless appointments for myself and the kids means I’m in and out of there at least monthly. Despite all that time spent waiting (and waiting), I really appreciate the changes in the way our health care is being handled these days.

I’m busy, you’re busy, we’re all busy. I’d rather spend my time doing almost anything other than waiting for anything medically-related, wouldn’t you? There are adventures to be had, places to go, and fun things to see!

Improved health care is on the way

We’re also all digitally connected these days, meaning our health care should be, too. And indeed there are a lot of new developments with our health care, have you noticed? Take a look at the Better Health Together website for some details if you haven’t been to your doc recently to see some of the changes in person.

When I needed Mason’s EpiPen and Allerject prescriptions renewed this week, my doc asked which pharmacy we frequent, and sent the prescriptions over there electronically, immediately. Can I tell you what a relief it is to not have to carry the paper prescriptions around with me until I find time to get them filled? This way, it’s all just waiting for me at the pharmacy. My referral to an endocrinologist? Whooshed through the digital pipes instantly. The lab results he requested came in via email — it’s secure and private, exactly how it should be.

And each day, more services are switching to this new digital format. I personally cannot wait for the day when I can simply book an appointment with my doctor online so I don’t have to keep getting that irritating busy signal, or worse yet, the voicemail that records no messages. This kind of easier access to health records, lab results and prescription info means health care providers can provide safer, faster, and more effective care. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Given the fact that my doc was faxing requisitions up until just a few months ago, it sort of blows my mind that using a health app is a reality now, and that the nurse won’t have to photocopy 20 pages of records when I’m referred to another doctor. Amazing, right?

I’m really happy that the care my kids receive from this point forward will be faster, more secure and more efficient. Because their health is definitely worth it, and as I age, I’m realizing mine is, too.

Digital healthcare is making care better 

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