Dear Self: Remember this…

Dear Self: Remember this…
My daughter Story, age 2

It’s been a long week for me. I really try not to complain because, let’s face it: my life is pretty charmed. I’ve got two wonderful kids, a husband who deals with my constant nuttiness with as much patience and humour as I could ever ask for, and I really do love being at home with my peeps. But, oh, some weeks require a good breakdown. I had mine this morning.

That photo up there is one I took of Story when she was about 2 years old. It wasn’t often she had meltdowns, and when she did, they were epic. Mason, on the other hand? Well it’s a daily occurrence for him… multiple times a day. And this week, thanks to a few late nights, long days and early wake-ups, has been a challenge for everyone. I feel like the smiles and happy moments have been few and far between, while I’m navigating sour moods and tantrums.

On a web board of which I’m a member, someone was discussing their toddler’s behaviour and the best I can do is smile, nod and type out some supportive words. Life ain’t easy with a spirited toddler. There have times this week where I feel like I’m the worst mother on the planet for debating whether I really can handle Mason’s temper.

I have to remind myself daily that his independent nature is a good thing, that his feelings are strong but manageable and that he truly is a remarkable little guy. I remind myself that when my daughter (now 5.5) struggles to maintain her cool with her 2.5-year-old brother that it isn’t because she’s a bad big sister, but because we’re all at the ends of our ropes. I have to take many deep breaths, many times a day. And sometimes I cry. It’s ok.

Kids process emotions differently, and I need to remember that these two amazing kids of mine are never trying to break my will to live, no matter how it may feel. (They’re not, right? RIGHT?)

And I also need to remember that sometimes it’s ok to walk out the door and leave Daddy to deal with nap time on a beautiful Saturday. 😉

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One thought on “Dear Self: Remember this…

  1. I have no clue what you’re talking about. Kids are a delight and wouldn’t dream of pushing a loving mother to the edge of her sanity. By the way, I know exactly why some species eat their young.

    You want gravy with that?

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