Crazy Things on the Internet This Week

You know when people say the internet is crazy that that just cannot be, right? People are crazy. People are the internet, and listen to me: they’re whack.

It’s people who troll the internet looking to harass other people.
It’s people going out and having their buttholes bronzed. (And in case it needs saying, omg that link is very much NSFW.)
It’s people who are nuts enough to think that not wearing leggings honours god . . . and husbands.

And I mean crazy in the broadest sense of the word — I don’t mean crazy as in mentally unsound (despite the fact that in some cases, I think those two happen concurrently). I mean crazy like, “Girl, you so crazy!” and “SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, THAT IS *CRAZY*!”.

I do not mean crazy as in any other kind of crazy.

But since today is #BellLetsTalk Day, let’s talk about that crazy, too.

Did you know:




Did you know that I suffered depression as a teen and adult? Did you know that I suffered PTSD after my stillbirth? Did you know I suffer with anxiety?

There are so many people you care about who are dealing with mental health struggles in silence. There are so many for whom the struggle is too much. We lose so many amazing people to these issues.

So we need to talk. Every day.

And we need to listen. I’m here for you if you need a friendly shoulder.

I am not alone.

You are not alone.

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