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5 Minute Nutrient-Packed French Toast

5 Minute Nutrient-Packed French Toast

  I don’t know about you, but leisurely breakfasts don’t exactly fit into my morning routine. With the kids heading..

Some Stuff I Just Don’t Get Vol. 2

Remember that post I wrote about stuff I just don’t get? As it happens, there’s a lot more stuff I..

Join Me at the Canaccord Genuity Great Camp Adventure Walk to benefit SickKids!

Have you ever visited SickKids in Toronto? I hope you haven’t, really. It’s a giant building, with huge windows and..

You’re the sing in my song

Today I held you in the pool, tightly against my body, memorizing the way the moment felt. I watched your..

30 CHEAP Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

30 CHEAP Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

  Summer’s here! Or, close enough. Soon the days will be hotter than hot, and the kids will be out..

The Right Thing to Say When Someone Mentions Parenting Choices, Breastfeeding, Circumcision and More…

So you’re with a soon-to-be Dad and he mentions that they’ll be circumcising their son. What do you say? You..

All the things they said

“Oh you have such skinny arms. Such little skinny arms.” It was an off-handed comment to my daughter, while a..

~sponsored post~ Spring Allergies Suck

There’s nobody who can sneeze with such force and volume as my husband, Ryan. He’s allergic to… well,¬†everything, I think…

What’s a “Glambassador”, you ask?

You might have noticed a new button down there on the right side, saying I’m a “Glambassador”, and that might..

“There is great magic in you”

When Story was four, we took her to Disney World. In response to my excitement over meeting some of the..